Anyone else use MSM?

I have been using it for months now and last week I gave it a miss while I relaxed on the diet side of things - Wow!!!

Only realised it’s benefits towards the end of the week not taking it as it takes a bit for it to wear out of your system …

I take about 4 caps a day - anyone any guidelines or doseages on it?

Could you explain the benefits?

I just notice alot of minor aches and pains in my joints - especially in the morning - eased.

I know we’ve discussed this before but I still use 2-3g morning and then again at night. This seems to be a common recommendation.

what is msm

Msm is an over-the-counter health product available at reasonable prices, whose active ingredient [sulfur] is one of the main limiting factors in regeneration of collagen. [Tendon, ligament and cartilage are all basically made of collagen]. Along with glucosamine, condroitan, and saMe [for our American friends who can get it] it forms an effective combo for collagen repair and lubrication of the joints. It’s also a heck of an antihistamine for you terminal sufferers.