Motor Unit Recruitment in Resistance Exercises

Just curious as to training age or how many years you have been exposing your body to powerlifting? I think it would be very relevant to your scheduling. I have friends who are worldclass deadlifters from USAPL. They are life time drug free guys and both deadlift 750+ at 220lbs and 198 lbs. They started to reduce exposure to deadlifting every 10-14 days due to the amount of neural fatigue they were creating. I think perhaps moving deadlifts to your Max E may produce some positive results that could carry over to driving your squat up. Much of this depends on staying healthy. I know any time I go over 600 lbs, my back pays a price. I can do 545 lbs for 8, but 615 puts my back out for weeks. I would give it a shot and see what the result is. Perhaps using the method you outline could provide you with a new stimulus to drive MUA forward in your squat as a result of your improving deadlift prowess.

You will usually notice a pop after going lighter, even if its for a single workout. Harnessing this phenomenom is the reason lifters cycle or wave their loads.

As far as recruiting more CNS or having a higher overall MU doesn’t mean deadlift is a better exercise. It depends on your goals. If posterior chain strength or mass, or short acceleration improvment is your goal, I definitely feel the squat is a better lift than the deadlift. Furthermore, I don’t see the benefit of recruiting more MU overall in the body is a benefit. The idea is to recruit more MU at any one time in a specific muscle or group of related muscles. There’s a big difference.

is the definition of MUA. Obviously people try to make their body more efficient in MUA. The more MUA, the more force production. I wouldn’t say either exercise is superior to the other; it depends on what you are looking for. For someone like Bob Sanchez, who is talking in powerlifting parameters, I think it would be impossible to say either is more important than the other. Personally, I do cycles of deadlifts for 4 or so weeks for every 12 weeks squatting. I like to give my guys a mental break from the rigors of squatting. 4 weeks of deadlifting is often a welcome break and they get a serious jump in their poiundages over the course of a month. They get up into heavy 3-4 reps as I don’t really care for max singles as I feel it’s too dangerous to lower backs for football athletes.

I’m 21 years old, and I ran track my entire life. I lifted weights since I was 15 but did not technically start powerlifting until one year ago. I did, however, perform all three ‘power lifts’ heavy throughout my running career so I’ve been lifting heavy for probably about 5 or 6 years.