Most Astonishing Health Disaster of the 20th Century

Just watch it.

Very interesting, but I’d like to see sources for most of those numbers.

Even more importantly, I’d like to see estimations of morbidity and mortality in the general population that would occur without medical intervention. If modern medicine saves more lives than it takes, it’s still beneficial from a statistical point of view. There are obviously some significant problems in the way national health care systems and pharmaceutical companies operate in the US and elsewhere, but throwing the baby out with the bathwater is never a good solution.

I wonder if it factors death from AIDS as well. How about how many people AZT kills yearly! That is a whole nother debate though. The CDC has some good statistics in pdf form. Its funny how people justify in their own mind the reasons for current medicine but never question the results these drug companies are putting out. In my opinion, modern medicine is still killing more people then it is saving.

are you joking?? just here in little Australia, hundreds of thousands of people visit hospitals every day, but they dont all die! they come in, get better and leave, only to be replaced by somebody else suffering from something. Is that modern medicines fault that people keep getting sick? or brake bones etc? is it medicine or other life style faults?
People getting type 2 diabeties for eg aint the fault of modern medicine, its a fault of greed and lack of physical work or exercise. Type 1 diabetes would die rather quick without modern medicine.

without modern med. one would probably die like they did many yrs ago, at the ripe old age of 40-50:eek:

haha, just watched, well tried to watch, got half way through, what a load of crock.
150 000 people die from drug missuse, but only 6% of them are confirmed… :confused: haha, statistics

how many obese poeple do you know who get told by their dr to loose weight and eat better yr after yr after yr. The obese people like that dont listen, and expect a mirrical pill to fix em. hahahahaha, yeah right. a life time of neglect wont be fixed by any pill. People take better care of their car than they do of themselfs then try to blame modern medicine :mad:

They dont die right away. You dont die right away from drinking or smoking either. Go take take AZT or Chemo and I guarantee your chances of dying will go WAY up.

If we go by obesity statistics (CDC), year by year, the obesity epedemic goes up every year significantly.

Your argument that it is 100% the peoples fault is ridiculous. There are many reasons for health problems in the US. (As stated in the video).

BUT THIS GUY IS NOT JUST SAYING ITS SOLELY THE CURRENT MEDICINE PROTOCOLS THAT CAUSE HEALTH PROBLEMS. WATCH IT AGAIN. He is showing us all that many factors go into health problems. And that current medicine makes them worse, causing deaths per year. I take the more aggressive view point, as “Guy from Boston” would, and say no, these deaths are directly caused by current medicine i.e. big pharma.
(A more aggressive view point than proposed on the video).

Either way, with all this great medicine how come we have all these health epidemics now. How come the US isnt the best health care system in the world with the longest life expectancy.? You know why. Its a word that starts with the letter D. Think about it.

BTW what was your name again? And current PR for 100m.

(Joke from the other thread on annom. internet posters. LOL!?

“Go take take AZT or Chemo and I guarantee your chances of dying will go WAY up.”


Dear all,
unfortunately in the western world does exist infinite trust to science…we believe it is objective, irrefutable…but this is not true…not only in Medicine, but in any science, schools of thought (and interest) come before…so many examples in the past, …you want to find something, you eperiment and you find.
Regarding Chemio, it is quite easy searching the net to find a survey on some THOUSANDS of Onchologists in the US, and almost 85 % of them, in the evenience of cancer, would prefer not to use chemioon themselves, regarded to be dangerous, harmful, painful.
We should also take into consideration how statistics are made up…If you have lungs cancer, and cancer spreads to the brain, but is extirped from lungs, you officilaly overcome cancer…same thing if you live6 years (if 5 years life expectance is used).
AIDS, another issue…in the past, HIV patients became AIDS patinet, after any illnes…fearing they would die without anticorpse, immediatly started AZT and…almost invariably, died in the following months or weeks…
Now protocols used are different,
Like in cancer, pretending to treat with poisons people already compromised in health, makes me doubt…

You have to look at all these videos with a drop of sand, as everyone has an agenda. This guy’s website (which I extracted from his profile, and the end of the video) is selling “all natural products”. Look’s like he’s trying to create profits off of scaring people…not so different from the big boys he’s speaking out against.

I’m not saying what he said is wrong or right…just commenting that to draw conclusions you must look at a wide variety of resources.

That is ridiculous! I couldn’t watch all of it…
How can you seriously suggest that alcohol, diet, obesity etc is not taken into account by modern medicine? That’s a joke and tbh if people shy away from modern medicine because of that video they deserve everything they get!

Walrusgood, your 16 years old! What do you know about the healthcare system! Your in England not the US. Go prank call someone.

R3, I don’t buy all natural products nor do I go to Dr.Mercola’s website, even though its the single most viewed health website on the internet.

To the rest, personally I dont care what you or any of the other anonymous posters think. The three people that critized my post were the same three that always critize me. To me, there just anon. internet posters with no cohones. I posted a video, and gave my opinion. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. You think explaining to me the current health problems in the US is going to change my mind. I make a living off teaching concepts such as these.

I agree though, supplements can be just as dangerous as drugs. And as I pointed out in my first post, obesity is a major problem. Anyways, re-read my first post. Obviously Walrusgood did not read any of my posts or watch the entire video.

“Jingle B’s…Merry Sprintmas”

PS Current medicine says “take this pill and be better” not stop drinking and eat healthy. I think thats the point he was trying to make.

not that I’m defending the drug companies or the american health system, but a lot of those stats could be misleading, such as the number of people who died from drug side-effects who were so sick that they needed those strong drugs and would have died anyway.

what about the old stat that most people die in bed, therefore bed must be a dangerous place to be?

plus, at 2:21 they spelt ‘recieved’ (sic) wrong, so they lose a lot of credibility right there… :stuck_out_tongue:

plus, at 2:21 they spelt ‘recieved’ (sic) wrong, so they lose a lot of credibility right there…

I noticed that too…and I’m a bad speller. All stats can be misleading. You could also argue that all these gold standard “double blind” studies by drug companies are misleading as well. I get the gist of what your saying. Lets email him and see if he can make a works cited list.

Personally, I always try to use a “work cited” list whenever I do a power point presentation. Hornblower, beds are only dangerous when you use them the way you do. LOL JK.

haha! you know me too well… :smiley:

His videos have many good points, don’t get me wrong. Just remember he’s also running a business.