Mo's 60m World Record

Does anyone know Mo’s official reaction time for his world record. Looking at this video it looks like he either guessed the gun, or got away with one. Interestingly enough the field had already been charged with a false start. It is surprising he got out so quickly.

Does anyone have his other 6.39?

Since they have sensors on the blocks to detect a false start, I imagine it was a legal start. It’s amazing the difference between a .10-.11 reaction and the typical .16-.18 reactions you see. I think some of it is deceiving slightly. What I mean is, look at the guy to Mo’s right or the very left edge of the video–he reacts very similarly to Mo.

Ya, he was just an incredible 60m runner, he also posted another 6.39, and everything between and including 6.40-6.50.

I’ve never seen footage of that race before. That was absolutely amazing.

Does anyone have splits?

Looked for that race long time - thanks!

Doesn’t appear as if the video is high resolution enough or if the track has visible enough markings; however, it would be interesting to know the 40yd split on that run if someone is able to somehow calculate it.

Can’t imagine there’s been too many starts and 10m, 20m, 30m, etc splits faster then this.