Mo's 6.39

Are there any videos showing one of Maurice Greene’s 6.39s two 60m WR runs?
Any hint apreciated.

6.93 is pretty impressing and I never got to see the runs…


I´m not sure,
but i guess Ben run 60m in 6,38s right ?
Does anyone have this video too ?

Isnt that the race when Ben crashed into the matts (protectors) and after a few seconds his head pops up? lol, i remember that one, it was funny. (if it was that race)

Ben’s best official indoor time was 6.41, although he ran 6.38 on the way through in Rome and 6.33 in Seoul.

Hi Charlie,
this 6.33s it´s a 9,79s Korea split time right ? ( 0-60m )
I have this video and as a big fan of start sprinters
i can say, that start on Seoul was the most fast and spectacular
that i ever seen.
I´m taked some time to perceive that Ben´s left arm raise before the right arm.

Does anyone have a video about 6,41s Ben 60m Indoor ?
It would be another teacher lesson.

An user of this forum said that 60 m split’s Mo in edmonton was the same of ben in Seoul
What about this?
They are the best sprinter for their period


100 meters dash
only 2 lanes,
Lane One: Benjamin S. Johnson ( 1988 )
Lane Two: Maurice Greene ( 1999 )

                                                 Accumulate Time

Reaction Time:Ben 0,13s / Mo 0,17s Ben: 0,13s / Mo: 0,17s
0-10m: Ben 1,7s / Mo 1,69s Ben: 1,7s / Mo: 1,69s
10-20m: Ben 1,04s / Mo 1,02s Ben: 1,83s / Mo: 1,86s
20-30m: Ben 0,93s / Mo 0,94s Ben: 2,87s / Mo: 2,88s
30-40m: Ben 0,86s / Mo 0,90s Ben: 3,80s / Mo: 3,82s
40-50m: Ben 0,84s / Mo 0,85s Ben: 4,66s / Mo: 4,72s
50-60m: Ben 0,83s / Mo 0,83s Ben: 5,50s / Mo: 5,57s
60-70m: Ben 0,84s / Mo 0,83s Ben: 6,33s / Mo: 6,40s
70-80m: Ben 0,85s / Mo 0,86s Ben: 7,17s / Mo: 7,23s
80-90m: Ben 0,87s / Mo 0,85s Ben: 8,02s / Mo: 8,09s
90-100m: Ben 0,90s / Mo 0,85s Ben: 8,89s / Mo: 8,94s
Ben: 9,79s / Mo: 9,79s

Look, the powerful acceleration of Ben, at 50m Ben´s margin over Mo 6 hundredths, at 60m Ben´s margin 7 hundredths,
only on the last 10 meters ( when Ben raise his right arm ) Mo gets Ben.
Ok, i understood Ben´s celebration, it´s a ( visual ) gesture for eternity.

Charlie, without that raise arm, what could be the time for that race ?

The next amazing race ?
LOL, it´s a IQ question…1988, 1999, so 2011 i guess

MO GREENES 6.39SEC the world record is what i want to see.

I wrote about Edmonton final not Athens


Ok, i made a research but i don´t found all the split times from Greene in 2001 9.82s Edmonton, but, i discovered that he was better only for 2 parts ( in comparsion with Athens 9.79s ) was on reaction time: 0.132s Edmonton Vs 0.170s and 10-20m: 1s in Edmonton Vs 1.02s Athens.
So, the 60m split time in Athens was better than 60m in Edmonton.
But while i´m searching, i discovery another interesting fact,
that Tim Montgomery wins that 9.78s in Paris at Grand Prix just because his amazing reaction time: .104s !!! :eek:
So, Ben´s race time ( without count reaction time )
Seoul 1988 was 9.66s ( wind +1.1m/s -ajusted time 0m/s:9.71s)
Tim race time Paris was 9.67s.( wind +2.0m/s -ajusted time 0m/s:9.76s)

Yea Monty had absolutely perfect conditions…

Maurice Greene was and is a better sprinter than Ben Johnson.

Anyone who thinks different is wrong.,

would that count as an opinion or a statement my friend? hehe

after reading speedtrap, i think ben had the better quotes than mo…

I´m finishing my read of Speed Trap ( i hope this weekend )
and i read too the CF Training System, so
as you said DWatling Ben had the better quotes than mo…
I´m a big fan of Mo, he was the best on his time too, but you can´t compare two diferent machines,
we have a “Mo Lambo Diablo” Vs a “Ben Top Fuel Dragster”.
There´s any poll about ?
Let´s do one…

Of course I’d like to see Bens 6.41, too!

@MR SHUMON COOL: Sorry, but I did not want to start a discussion on that low level…we could quarrel about the WAS, Mo IS not much of a sprinter any more. The hard tracks (which make it a little bit easier to run fast times nowadays) took their toll and as much as I respect Mo’s achievements Mo and Ato are boasty, noisy injured WRECKS.

@Rosscv: Really interesting Split Times! Especially when you consider the difference in running styles - compare Ben’s and Mo’s acceleration phase - Ben’s in an almost upright position after 4 steps. Just from looking at his Videos (Seoul etc.) his stride frequnency seems extremely high.
I think great new talents are coming up - maybe i’m wrong, but the next years 100s could be dominated by a young Trinidadian and the 200-400s by a even younger Jamaican? They should try to get the best trainers.
BTW: Is Bolt still training in the bush in Trelawny or did he move to the US already? :wink:

Still: Any Ideas where to find these 60m vids?

So, the 60m split time in Athens was better than 60m in Edmonton.

In Edmonton, Mo ran 9"82 but in the last 9 steps he did the race by only a leg…
How many hundredths did he lost?
The truth is that Mo in his carreer had ran many great race:
Athens '97, Athens '99 (with poor reaction time), Rome '99 (he did 9"85),
Sevilla '99, Sydney '00 (with very poor reaction time, a cold weather and a slow track), Edmonton 01…


Sorry Rosscv but you are mistaken. Maurice ran much faster in Edmonton. These are the correct splits from Edmonton:

Maurice Greene(USA) 1st place(Gold medal)
9.82s(WL & SB mark of 2001)

RT:0.132s, Wind:-0.2m/s.

10m:1.83s (1.70s)
20m:2.83s (1.00s)
30m:3.75s (0.92s)
40m:4.64s (0.89s)
50m:5.50s (0.86s)
60m:6.33s (0.83s)
70m:7.16s (0.83s)
80m:8.02s (0.86s)
90m:8.91s (0.89s)
100m:9.82s (0.91s)

So as you see Maurice ran faster over the first 30m (by 0.05) but then Ben came back and they had the same splits at 50m, 60m and 80m. So the proper comparison to make is not 1988 and 1999 but instead 1988 and 2001, these were the two best races of these two amazing sprinters.

So Edmonton was a 9.73 race without the injury? That’s pretty impressive!

This is where conditions and the new, harder tracks show up. In comparison with Ben - same R/T but the time to 30m is a massive .05 faster for Mo- even though, despite Mo running on the new surface in the semi-altitude conditions in Edmonton, Ben gained it all back by 80m (both at 8.02).
You’ll see this pattern over and over- the harder track gives up most of its benefits over the first thirty- to the whole field. Note the difference in the margins of the races. While Ben crushed the field in Seoul, if Tim had had even a reasonable start in Edmonton, he would have won instead of Mo.
Does anybody seriously doubt that Ben would have run massively faster with today’s conditions?

What about the harder tracks breaking guys down more? What if Ben had to compete all the time on hard tracks? This is what I hear all the time…