More 40 Help

I hate beating a dead horse on this topic, but I need help on my 40.

I thought that I had been getting faster lately, but it turns out I was wrong. I went to the track today to do some testing. I ran a 5.09 40, 4.84 Pro Agility Shuttle and vertcal jumped a shade over 27 inches :eek:

I’ve been strength training for a long time but gains come very slowly for me if they come at all. Here are some of my stats in addition to those above:
Age: 17
Height: 6 ft 1in
Weight:193 lbs.
Body Fat: Unsure, but single digits
100m: 12.7 in the spring, haven’t been timed since then
Full Back Squat PR: 205 lbs x 5
Bench Press: 195 lbs. x 5
Deadlift: 225 lbs. x 5

I don’t know much about speed training the Charlie Francis way. I tried to buy the e-book, but there were technical difficulties. I’m currently doing something very similar to CT’s pendulum for athletes off of T-Nation. Any suggestions for weights or track workouts are greatly appreciated.

P.S. - I will be running in the indoor track season that begins in about 9 weeks and I want to do the triple and long jumps.

Any advice is appreciated, thank you.

First, you need to specialize. You can’t train for the 40 now then expect to be in triple/long jump shape in 9 weeks. Jumps take massive technique training like anything else. What is your experience with short sprints and jumping? Will you be doing the 60m come indoors? How long have you been training for track? How long have you been doing the lifts you posted? More info please :slight_smile:

hmm 40 specialization, basically an acc. dev. phase would be what we are looking at. see but what is your current state of physical fitness? are you playing any sports right now? if not, do you plan to run indoor? and if so what events? please answer these and help can be given.

I said that I will definitely be jumping in the indoor season and I may be running the 60m, so any added acceleration would help. I know that the jumps take massive technique, but there’s is only so much I can do to teach myself without a coach or pit that I can use so I want to work on power and explosiveness to maximize my distance. As for experience, the spring was my first time on a track team and my coaches aren’t exactly top flite, so my training with the team was pretty misguided.

I forgot to mention that I ran 1.54 10-yd which seems better than my 40 time.

As for the lifts, I’ve been training them for more than a year now with bad results. My squat has only gone up by about 20 lbs. in about a year while my bench press has gone up much more. This may be due to hesitance on my part to really load up on the squat. I have a chronic spine problem that gives me pain every so often so I don’t want to aggravate it by loading up too much weight. I can do One-legged squats with my other leg elevated on a bench for 145 lbs. x 5 and this lift has gone up in recent weeks.

I guess the important thing isn’t so much lowering the 40 time, but it was a wake-up call that I need to improve.

Thanks all.

Bro, It sounded to me like you wanted to do the jumps but werent sure. First off, getting your 40 better isn’t neccesarily going to make you a better jumper. The 40 requires a rapid acceleration whereas the jumps require a smooth rythmic acceleration. Second, you haven’t posted your jumping PR"s. Vertical jumping really has no correlation to Long Jump or Triple Jump. DO you have access to a video camera? It would probably help you the most since acceleration and jumping are largely technical. The most obvious advice I can give you is to work your 40, long and triple jumps. Try searching the board archives to make a routine, and then, if you have a SPECIFIC question, I’m sure anyone on this board is going to try to help you as much as possible. Start off by posting your current workout routine. KNow what I mean? Hope this helps you, good luck on your search.