Montgomerys footplant

To me it looks like Montgomery supinates ,can anybody verify this?
Also he now runs in black and blue shoes, is this just a version of the Zoom Celars or more like MJs shoes ca. 2000 ?

i dont know about his footplant, but his shoes are neither or. They dont look anything like the zoom celars and although they do resmeble the Mj’s they have a swoosh on the side and i cant imagine a 100 meter runner wearing those shoes. I had them and anyone else who has can verify that since there soo flat and there is nothing to them it makes its very hard ot push out of blocks as well as in your drive phase.
so for now there the mystery shoes.

The spikes look a lot like the custom spikes that Inger Miller has worn since 99. They are also very similar to the ones that Allen Johnson wears. They look like a Nike Ventulas upper on a sprint plate.

I’d be interested to know what they are exactly.