Montgomery's flaw

Charlie or Clemson,
I have a very good top and can run a standing 150 indoors in 15.53. My 200 times reflect this but my 60 time seems a little off. I usually cover 30 meters in 3.76H and I noticed that in Speed Trap that you said that you considered Ben’s start to be his reaction time and the first 3 steps. My reaction time is very good but it is those first three steps that I have trouble with. My strength levels are pretty high 445 squat 290 bench. Should I do more plyometric work, are my block settings the culprit. My first three steps are somewhat choppy. I always fly past my competition between 30-40 meters. Any ideas on what to work on. Thanks.

Can you post a vid clip of the start. It’s hard to comment without more info.