Montgomery warns Greene

Montgomery warns Greene

American sprinter Tim Montgomery has warned arch-rival Maurice Greene that he wants to erase his name from the record books.

Montgomery, the world 100m record holder, has vowed to break Greene’s event record when he runs at the Japan grand prix on Saturday.

“Maurice Greene has the record at this event and my goal is to break that. I am trying to wipe his name off the map,” said the 28-year-old.

Montgomery says he relished the challenge of being the man to beat in 2003.

“It pushes me even harder because the expectations are high. But I accept that challenge,” said American, who finished second in Mexico City last weekend.

"My motivational tool is to look at the world record, look at what made me great, and strengthen everything that was weak in that race.

“I look forward to breaking the world record again.”

Montgomery is also looking forward to this August’s world championships in Paris, where hopes to win gold.

"It does not feel right to be the world record holder and to lose the world championships.

Montgomery also shed light on his highly-criticised collaboration with Charlie Francis that ended in February.

He says he simply sought technical advice from the Canadian trainer, who once coached Ben Johnson.

“The conversation with Charlie Francis was only how did Ben technically run that fast.”

Why does he keep putting the pressure on himself? I just can’t see the benefit of predicting times before the races. I don’t think this kind of tactic can intimidate the opposition, and most of them probably don’t care what he is saying before the race so they won’t listen to it.

i’ve to agree with jimbo,TM should shut up.people will want to see him fail especially the press.CL was great at this but he always did what he said.

oh no TM “warned” Mo Greene. I bet Mo is losing sleep about! :o