money order request

hi, mr rupert ive contacted you a couple of days back regarding the fact i cant pay you through paypal but im not getting any responses. ive been wanting to buy mr charlies three books for some time now and no one’s helping.
please confirm

Hi Komi,

Send me another message please, I’m afraid I can’t find your message.

Thank you

the thing is i cant send you any messages, ive tried contacting through but im not gettin any response. this is what i get when i try messaging

‘Rupert has exceeded their stored private messages quota and can not accept further messages until they clear some space.’

Send an E-mail like it says- not a private message.

hello Members,

Here it is (again)…info on money order payments for products you want off the website.

  1. Goto our estore at

  2. Browse for products/services you wish to have.

  3. Goto Checkout

  4. At checkout, you will have a total. Write this total down.

  5. Get a money order for the amount of your order as shown in item 4 above.

  6. Put the money order in an envelope and address it to Charlie Francis, 276 Carlaw Avenue, Suite 312, Toronto ONTARIO M4M 3L1. Be sure to include what it is you are ordering including any special instructions.

Thats it…enjoy

Hi Rupert and Charlie,

Have patience with me. Being over 50 I’m still learning about the internet.

I am going to send you a money order for the GPP essentials DVDr

I went through the process outlined above and came up with $12 shipping.

I live in London, Ontario. Do I send you a money order for $81.99 in Canadian Funds?

Thanks for your patience.