Mobile Devices - Andriod. And Google Chrome for downloads

Just some thoughts for making the site a more active zone.

I have three devices i use to axcess the net, Mobile phone (Andriod smartphone) a Galaxy Tablet (andriod) and a Windows laptop, using Google Chrome as the browser.

The two mobile devices are really only good for “read only” on the website. I wouldn’t even try downloading items using these.
I use these two devices 80-90% of the time - and i simply cannot Post to comments using these. Other websites using these devices i have as yet, had no issues with, only

Using google chrome on the laptop with windows, i can do everything, except for download products. So i have to swap over to Windows Explorer

Mobile devices are the future

Hope it helps

For people using mobile devices, problem solved,
If you go to general settings, and scroll down to Message Editor Interface: and check off a more basic interface, you can fix the issue!
I can now use my Galaxy Tablet :slight_smile: