Mo Greene's explanation

Posted on 21 May 2007 - 00:30

Former Olympic 100 metres champion Maurice Greene, happy to emerge unscathed after finishing last in his heat at the Adidas Track Classic on Sunday, has set his sights on next month’s US nationals.

The 32-year-old American, making only his second competitive appearance of the year, clocked a time of 10.84 seconds but promised he would be back to his best for the June 20-24 US national championships in Indianapolis.

“I couldn’t even get out (of the blocks) today but I’ve got another month to get it strong,” Greene told reporters after trailing heat winner Steve Mullings of Jamaica by 0.65 seconds at the Home Depot Center.

"I didn’t expect anything. I didn’t come here with any expectations. I just wanted to come out and get some competition. I just wanted to finish the race and not be injured.

“They (organisers) asked me if I could come here and help out and I said I would,” added the three-times 100 metres world champion, whose only other appearance this year came at the Millrose Games in February.

“I wanted to see where I was and now I know what I need to do.”

Greene, who set a then world record of 9.79 seconds in 1999, tripped and fell in the men’s 60 metre dash at the Millrose Games in New York and finished last in a time of 27.70.

Asked what had to change for him before the US nationals, Greene replied: "I’ve got to get stronger in my legs.

“My legs are very weak right now. I have no power whatsoever. But I’ve got a good month and I’ll be good. I guarantee you, I promise. My next race will be the nationals and I will win.”

The heavily muscled 2000 Olympic gold medallist, largely inactive since April 2006 because of a nagging foot injury, said he had started training with intensity only two weeks ago.

“I’ve had some nagging things that have been bothering me,” added Greene, who has set his sights on regaining the 100 metres world record before the end of the year.

“Now when I go back I’ll lift a lot (of wrights), get stronger and be ready for the nationals.”

Wow, he makes it sound sooo easy.

SloMo just for Sshow - 10.84

My god, Mo only needs to do a few weeks weightlifting to go from 10.84 to around 9.84.
The guy is as stupid as he was fast some years ago.

He might lose a leg today and still tell you he’ll win gold tomorrow. Mo, please run faster and shut up!

He does look out of shape there. But whether he can get down to 9.9x within a mth is another thing. And if he does - it will be a thing of beauty

to be that big (see above) and run world class times, particularly sub 10, it’d need to be the general culmination of a few years work. I think he’s too big for his current level of specific conditioning. (I’m sure he used to be way more ripped). Perhaps if he loses 10lbs by USA Nat’s he’ll run quicker. But really, 1 second in 1 month???

I’d have to see the race again to say for sure but he actually looked okay in his start and initial acceleration(maybe 10m? :slight_smile: ) where this strength absence would seemingly be a bigger issue but after that it was all over.

His start was not the problem. He got out with everyone, after 10 M The pack pulled off. He looked like shit. I would have blown him up. Also what the fuck has he been doing since melrose! Was he hurt and not practicing? Was he just eating and not lifting. I hope is not getting delusional. I wish him luck, but I hope he doesnt expect to just show up at nationals and drop some amazing time with 2 bad races under his belt. He needs more races. It is starting to just get embarrassing.

I wonder if 1)he’s hurt or 2)his past injuries have contributed to his current limp and has become part of stride despite not actually being hurt now. He did look awful after about that first 10 to 20m.

I mentioned start and initial acceleration since he said strength was where he would make the biggest improvement. Those parts of the race are where this lack of strength he talked about would have their biggest negative impact.

I certainly don’t want to see him go out like this because in addition to being a great athlete, I’ve always respected just what a great competitor he’s been. When he is, for the most part, healthy, he’s usually very competitive.

I like the guys attitude. He really has it.

I feel bad for him, and would love to see him win nationals, but I don’t think it will happen.

Tyson Gay will win in a new WR…

I remember watching an interview of Mo…he seemed very insecure and his need to be the “best” stemed directly from it. My first impression was “cocky” and “asshole”. Impressive sprinting in the past, but those will be his better days unless he puts all his talk into action.

Right or wrong, I’ve always felt like his demonstrations of cockiness/confidence were merely tools for him to set the bar high for himself. I never believed he was trying to demean any fellow competitors.

I think he liked to put pressure on himself by putting out statements or comments and then being forced to live up to his own words physically. Truly a great competitor.

Doesn’t this kind of thinking lead one to believe that the year’s of progression deemed necessary to progress properly are being ignored by a number of quality sprinters? This leads to injury, inconsistent performance, etc, etc. Thoughts?

Yes I’d say so. I suppose you could look at his personality as a tool for motivation, at the same time though I just don’t think it’s a very positive one. There’s much better ways to do it.

Do you think Greene truly believes what he is saying? Or is it just a strange way to not lose face! I wouldn’t be surprised after so much success if he genuionely believed he could turn this around. But, on the other hand, he may be embarrassed of his performance (I’m sure he is) and will not want to admit he can’t bring any more to the table.

Despite what I believe Greene’s motivation for his methods are I, personally, would not use the same methods but I understand why he does. Same with Ali, many didn’t like him nor his boasting but I see him in the same way. He made comments that he would have to live up to-thrived on the pressure that he put on himself. I would not do the same thing but then I was not a dominant athlete either. :slight_smile:

Look at what marion did before she became pregnant and went for obadele. She was in the process of a full fledged comeback. Remember how fast she was running in the beggining. 11.4s, 54 for 400m I actually became a fan after I saw her try to battle back on the track after running so slow. I could’t imagine trying to do this on a world stage. I hope mo continues. Its good for the sport.

I’d guess he is saying that because it’s what he has always said. I do believe his confidence was low coming into the meet, though. His comment that he might as well get his season started or something similar posted on another thread did not sound like he was brimming with confidence.

Conversely, some previously succesful people feel as though they can just will themselves back to success after setbacks.

Yeah I would agree that his talking has become a force of habit! A little off topic, what happened to Leonard Scott??? Had Mo not have run as slow as he did, I’m sure this would have been more of a talking point.