Mo Greene World Record

Does anybody have Mo Greene’s “world record” run?


which one? 100m or 60m?

i have both.

But i m quite sure that there is site where both runs are available.

Ask daniel for it. Maybe (or certainly :slight_smile: ) he will have at least one race at his site.

So there wont be a need to upload.

Check also this site!

the 100m world record.

yea, ive been to his site and i cant find it. if you have it, itd be great if you could send it.

Hell, if anybody has it PLEASE SEND!!! lol

i will do so. To be sure that i dont forget it you can email me tomorrow.

I have to go to bed now. Its late in germany right now :eek:

60m WR:

100m 9.79:

thanks man !!

sorry for dalay: TXXX!
WR of Mo in Athina was one of the 3 great races in the sprint history (Mo in Athina and Edmonton and Ben in Seoul)
That day, without a poor RT and a with a strong tailwind, Mo could run in 9"67-9"68…
he was simply perfect

exactly :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: