Mo Greene at US Open

Can someoen post a video of his 9.78 this past weekend? My tv didn’t record it even though I set the record timer and missed the coverage.

It came on ESPN again tonight but I don’t have it to post.
My thing is how are these guys running so fast again all of a sudden in an Olympic year. I mean last year seems like you couldn’t pay anybody to run under 10 seconds and now they are running them like crazy!

Anyway, it was a good race though.

That’s what I can’t fully understand, too. Well, Mo was injured…but what about the other 10-15 top sprinters?

OK, looks like only the Olympics is the big money, but some of the guys are capable of sprinting 9.85-10.00 constantly under right circumstances. And if you were the one to deliver these times most of the time in 2003 and win the WC for example you could earn yourself your share of fame, too.
Think about Jason and his 2004 indoor campaign - honestly who did know/talk/care about him before?

Makes you say hmm… doesn’t it, but I know when I make it to the big leagues I will try to win any and every race I run with the best times possible. Can’t wait to see how the rest of this season pans out!

I allways considered that 2002 and 2003 were just about going through the motions, maintaining health and possibly even some “overtraining” and “training capacity” experiments for Mo Green given that other “factors” in his preperation may not have been equall to his other years including this year.