mo greene 9.94

missed the start, but gives you a good idea of how he ran in his 9.94 a couple weeks ago.

Mo’s 9.94

Just beautiful.

Someone was asking about when to come up in a recent post. Watch this. The “secret” is contained within. Now you just need to know how to apply it :smiley:

Hint: Its got nothing to do with ants. :wink:

a great model sprinter/performer. I think he will go 9.65s soon…:mrt:

Please, is it possible to watch this video again? I need to check it again…

i may have it…what race and date was it and where…and i cant host it only email it…it will be large though about 10meg

It was run at The Home Depot in 2003.

It was in Carson/los Angeles on 1 June 2003. It turned out to be Greene’s season best.

reupped the file and edited the link… should work again. At least until my IP address changes again!

thanks a lot newton!!!