MMA: New Human Phenom from Brazil

For those of you who are intrigued by genetic freaks like me, from the mixed martial arts world comes 26 year old Montanha Silva from Brazil. He is 7’3" and weighs 396lbs with just 5% body fat :eek: .Yes you read those numbers correctly.

He is a fighter who just launched his martial arts career fighting recently in Japan’s K-1 tournament. His style is Muay Thai / kick boxing. Attached is a photo. I believe I can only attach one photo at a time so I’ll attach another photo on a subsequent post.

I cannot think of an athlete who quite compares to him, maybe Shaq, although Shaq is about an inch shorter, 50+ pounds lighter, with more body fat. He has a leaner sleeker build but is yet wider at the shoulders.

I first found out about him from Cesar Gracie whom some of you may know, he and his team ran into him at a night club were they all went after the ADCC tournament. They were all freaked out. Cesar said it best by saying, ‘be afraid, be very afraid’.

Here’s another shot.

It’s Sagat from Street fighter 2!!!

That is a big mutha (shut yo mouth)!!!

But can he fight. Is he strong.
Lost his first K-1 fight though was disqualified for some illegal manuever.

His fight went 2 rounds which means he isn’t all that! Maybe he is big and intimidating, but so is Semy Schilt, and Semy has been KOed, and submitted a few times. It won’t take long till the fighters in his category figure him out, and then beat him time after time after time. There may not be many who compare to him physically, but I would say someone like Shaq is in a whole other league as far as athleticism. Teach Shaq how to fight MMA style and he would dominte this guy.