MJ' 300m.

Do you know where can I find WR’s 300m (30"85, Michael Johnson)?

I think someone broke the WR this winter.
I think it was Bolt or Spearmon or anybod else

MJ has open record in 30"85, wallace spearmon set indoor WR this winter…

I think NO! 30"85 is an incredible time. Only Michael can do it! I’m Michael’s fan! :cool:

every WR is an incredible record but in this case i think we have a “normal” record.
I hope do not strong, but in his 43"9, Wariner’s 300s split was 31"8 (96%), of course at sea level
The same split for MJ could be 31"6
oh, in Atlanta’s conditions, MJ could run it in 29"5…

How can you know that Wariner was at 96%?

However MJ surely could make a better time but what’s the second time in athletic take on 300 distance?

You can tell me that Spaermon has just ran in 31 “and something” in 300m indoor but… 30"85 is a big time!!!