mixing proglycosyn

Do all the proglycosyn users out there just mix it with water? I’ve been using the orange vanilla, but it doesn’t taste the greatest with water only. Just curious if anybody had a different idea. I’ll keep taking it, but I’d like to enjoy it more!

What is pryglocosin?

I’ve read you guys mentioning it a bit and have never heard of it. Is it readly available from health food stores?

Is it a glucose/protein supplement?

At the moment I’ve been using (after speed sessions) protein 1.7g/kg/body weight, 1 luecine tablet.
Pre-speed session: 3 tablespoons of maltidextrose, 5 grams creatine.
Before bed 1 zinc tablet.

Thanks guys, more infor would be appreciated,

Proglycosyn? Check out:


You are right - it is a post-workout recovery formula.

Use water, filtered or distilled will taste best.

and you don’t want to add anything to interfere with it’s rapid uptake.

Thanks guys, I’ll stick with water.

Yes Clemson, I’ve only been taking it after hard training sessions, not after tempo or other recovery days. The combination of that and ZMA seems to be helping.

Oddly enough, I’ve found that only 1 pill of ZMA works better for me than the standard 3. Anyone have similar experiences?

so funny you just said that… i was just this second while reading your post taking my ZMA as i had for the past 2 weeks and i was debating wheather i should take 1 pill as i have been all this week. i feel 1 pill gives me a better sleep!!! is that what you mean by better results? i wonder why this could be. anyone else have similar results?

Sometimes I mix it w/ vanilla flavor w/ fat free milk mummmmmm good !

Kenny Mac~~


I just feel more refreshed in the morning when I take 1 as opposed to 3.

What quantities of proglycosyn are we taking about per serving post high intensity exercise?


Does the maltodextrin sustain you throughout training? Taking it all in one go can result in low blood sugar from the large insulin output. I take maltodextrin gradually throughout the training session. The Creatine you take before training is unlikely to enter the muscles in time for your session. You are best taking it after training to increase muscle creatine for your next session.

Do you take the 1.7g/kg protein spread throughout the day starting after training? This would be fine. Leucine seems vital post ex for pro synth but I’m not sure whether any extra on top of what contained in a pro supplement is needed, and Zinc can help optimise testosterone production.

As for proglycosyn, I think it is a pro carb supp but someone will tell you the details.

Dear Richard:

The restlessness you are experiencing is
from the vitamin B-6 in the ZMA. In some
sensitive people, vitamin B-6 can have a stimulating effect and create a short period of sleeplessness (no more than
90 minutes) during the initial stage of
sleep. The B-6 is added to ZMA
to increase the absorption of both zinc
and magnsium. As I mentioned in the
other thread on ZMA, try taking 3 cappsules of ZMA a little earlier in the evening, 60-90 minutes before bedtime, for example. This should help to reduce the restlessness at the beginning of sleep and also the grogginess in the morning. If this doesn’t help, then try taking only 2 capsules of ZMA, 60-90 minutes before bedtime.


I’m taking 2 scoops (58g).

Thats sufficient?

Dear duck:

Try using a little less water and Proglycosyn will taste better. Some athletes think this improves the taste
a lot. Also, most athletes prefer the
Vanilla Cream over the Orange Vanilla.
You can also add some fruit or even
a quarter teaspoon of your favorite
Crystal Light flavor to the straight Vanilla

716 is
Fat free milk ok?

I tried ZMA (3 caps) for the first time yesterday, and I did not sleep right through. I woke up and felt excited/agitated. This may also be due to doing absolutely nothing that daytime though. Then, the next day I felt in a better, more positive mood until mid afternoon, which was nice, but then I felt tired. Will know better in a couple of days.