Mister C's Results

Date: March 10, 2005
Meet: Alemany Dual Meet
Meet Time: 3:00 - 6:00
Surface: All Weather
Weather: Sunny, no wind
Events: 4x100m (3rd leg), 110HH, 300IH, 4x400m (scratched)
Level: Junior Varsity (they moved me down from Varsity cuz they wanted me to do the relays at JV, and cuz it was the first meet of the season and the coach didnt want me to try and keep up with the varsity hurdlers and get injured, especially cuz of my poor hurdle form)

4x100m - 46.8 HT (PR, cuz I’ve never done a relay before) 1st JV
I was the third leg on this bad boy, and this relay team was just made yesterday, so this time was pretty good. The first leg burned it up out of the blocks, then the second leg ran a pretty weak sauce high 12s, the pass from him to me was a little slow cuz I wanted to make sure he got it to me, but then I just hauled ass around the curve and they got left behind. The anchor finished it off, and so I’m pretty happy with how I ran this race.

110hh - 20.2 HT 1st JV
Dont even get me started on this time. I came out awesome from the blocks and was already winning at the first hurdle, but between the 1st and 2nd hurdle I lot my steps, and I ended up slowing down to almost a jog and pushing the hurdle over with my hands. Then I had to 5 step the rest of the race cuz I couldnt get my momentum back. I still got 1st cuz I was the only one running, but after the race my coach came over and he said my hips were still too tight, and so I’m scheduling an ART session tomorrow to see if I can get that worked out. If I three step the entire race, I see 15s in my future.

300IH - 47.7 HT (PR, but I can def go faster) 1st JV
By this time I was already fatigued, and thats why this time isnt exactly the best, although its still a PR. I ran the first 200m on pace to finish at about 43 or so, but then I hit the wall on the back straightaway, and so instead of pushing it I just cruised because I had a huge lead on the other guys in my heat.

4x400 - Scratched (one of the runners was a no show, and another got injured, so we just cancelled this one)

Date: March 17, 2005
Meet: Chaminade Dual Meet
Meet Time: 3:30 - 7:00
Surface: All-Weather
Weather: Overcast, light winds
Events: 4x100m (2nd leg); 110HH; 300IH; 4x400m (anchor leg)

4x100m - 48.3 HT 1st JV
I ran the second leg, and since we werent racing against anyone we just took it nice and slow for the passes (cuz we were having trouble in practice) to make sure we just got the points for first place.

110HH - 19.3 HT - (PR, despite the fact I still suck at this race) 1st JV
This was the same thing that happened to me last week. I came out great from the blocks (I have a picture of me dead even with a guy - the one who ended up winning the race with a 15.8 - over the first hurdle), but from the first to 2nd hurdle I f’d my steps and I had to push the 2nd hurdle over and 5 step the rest of the race. I still got first on hte JV level cuz he was running varsity and they combined the heats for time purposes.

300IH - 46.9 HT - (PR, but I can still go faster) 1st JV
I didnt die as much in this race as I did last week, but I stutter stepped over 4 of the hurdles, which was at least 1 second I could take off, and I was jumping way too high over the hurdles, which I figure is another second at least. Hopefully I’m looking in the 44 range by the time April rolls around.

4x400m - I didnt even want to see the time, but I split an easy 59 1st JV (cuz there was nobody against us)
I was paired up with three guys who had never broken 65 in a 400, so I took the anchor leg so I could take it easy. We ran a combined race against our frosh/soph team, and we got beat by them by a good 80m. Luckily, the other team didnt even field a 4x4 so we won the JV level no matter what. I took it easy to avoid any injury (from fatigue or otherwise) and split a 59, which I’m cool with.

Date: March 24, 2005
Meet: Notre Dame Dual Meet
Meet Time: 1:30-3:00
Surface: All-Weather
Weather: Heavy couds, light drizzle, moderate headwind
Events: 4x100 (2nd leg); 110HH; 300IH; 4x400 (anchor leg)

4x100m - ??? 2nd JV
This race was doomed from the start. The starter lined us up for the race before any of us had a chance to check our marks, and so we had to just use the marks from last week (even though we had different peoplpe on the 1st and 4th legs). Needless to say we got rocked. I dont know my split, but I do know that I managed to stay stride for stride with this big black dude, so I couldnt have done that bad.

110HH - 19.22 HT (PR) 1st JV
I decided not to risk the 3-step, but I won the race with my horrible 5-step anyways. I saw their hurdlers in warm-ups and they looked pretty damn good. So I was really suprised that I won the race. I beat all of them to the first hurdle and I was just waiting for the part when they pass me near the 3rd and 4th hurdles, but it never came and so I just tried to move as quickly as possible between hurdles. I ended up winning, and even though time time wasnt much better than last week, it’s still a PR, and I’m getting closer to the 3.

300IH - 46.6 (PR) 2nd JV
This race really pissed me off because something always goes wrong. I got out strong from the blocks, had my steps down perfectly for the first 150m, and was winning by a sizeable margin at 150m. But then about halfway through the race my right shoelace came untied. I stumbled on it a couple of times, but I still finished the race. It was more of a psycological factor than anything else, and as a result I slowed down a little and got passed on the last straightaway. The other guy won with a 45.9. However, the good thing that came out of this is that I know I can still go faster and I still got a PR with an untied shoe for half the race.

4x400 - ??? 2nd JV
This week we got a better team than last week, and so at least it was close. The first leg ended with them leading by about 20m. Then by the time the second leg ended they were winning by a good 70m. Then our third leg cut their lead down to about 40m. And then I gained another 15m on the same big black guy that I stayed with during the 4x1, and at least we stayed within 30m this time.

Wow, umm… and you criticize me for being a pessimist :stuck_out_tongue: No, I’m just joking of course. You have it probably worse off than I do, Mister C. I hope you get that 3 step working for you. Hurdling is a biatch, it takes men who aren’t afraid to crush their nuts on a piece of counterwieghted plastic (or splinter wood if you’re unlucky enough) Frankly, I’m jealous you’ve got JV races, in CCS we only have Fros/Soph and Varsity. It sucks BAWLS for our B-team quality athletes.

Well when you put it in that context I guess I sound a lot more pessimistic than I really am:) And yeah, running JV is nice. In fact, JV usually has less competition than frosh/soph because they leave the really good freshmen and sophomores down there so they can have room for everyone else that is not so good on JV. Doesnt say much about my talent I guess, but I’m winning races, so thats all I care about. Oh yeah, and our hurdles are wooden, it’s just so much fun.

Date: April 6, 2005
Meet: Crespi Dual Meet
Meet Time: 3:30 - 6:30
Surface: All-Weather
Weather: Sunny, light winds
Events: 4x100 (2nd leg), 110HH, 300IH, 4x400 JV

4x100 48.5 HT 2nd leg (no split times) 1st JV
We werent running against anyone, so we just got our passes down and finished the race.

110HH 18.94 HT (PR) 1st JV
Ugh, this was bad. Since my track coach wouldnt excuse from weightlifting yesterday, I was severely sore in my glutes and hams from lunges. As a result, in warmups I was too tight and I couldnt open my stride up enough to 3 step. So I decided to just go balls to the wall in the race, and try 3 step, and if not then just crash and burn. So that’s exactly what I did, I beat the guy that won the race (it was combined, he won in like 15.7 or something like that) to the 1st hurdle, and then to the second hurdle I didnt quite make the three step, so I just kicked it over. In the entire race, I either kicked over, broke, or clipped with my back leg 7 of the 10 hurdles. I still got a PR, and if my coach had run me varsity (WHAT IS WRONG WITH HIM!!!) I would’ve been good enough for 3rd place and some points. In fact, I beat 2 of the guys on the varsity level (it was a combined race), so I dont get what he has against moving me up. Luckily, he’s not gonna be at the meet next week and the assistant head coach has already told me he’ll give me a shot at varsity. Finally.

300IH 47.32 1st JV
I had no incentive to run here. It was me and another guy, and I completely blew him out of the water after the first straightaway (I couldnt even hear him) and so I just worked my form and strode through.

4x400 ??? 2nd JV (anchor leg)
We got owned, I ran the anchor leg and cruised. Same as usual. This time we were already down by 200m when I got the baton, so I didnt even see the other guy finish. Just pitiful.

Date: April 14, 2005
Meet: Harvard-Westlake Dual Meet
Meet Time: 3:30 - 6:00
Surface: All-Weather (really nice)
Weather: Sunny, moderate tailwind on back straightaway
Events: 4x100 (anchor), 110HH, 300IH, 4x400 (anchor) JV

4x100 ??? anchor leg 1st JV
This relay was baloney. They threw together a decent team, except the third leg, who was slower than a snail. We ran a combined race with frosh/soph, and we were winning going into the third leg, by the time the baton got to me at the anchor we, were down by 10m, I closed to 5m, but we still lost to our own frosh/soph team. Luckily, they didnt field a JV team so we won that by default.

110HH 20.2 HT 1st JV
This race, I swear, I will three-step the whole damn thing before the season is over. During warm-ups I took eight steps to the first hurdle, cleared it easily, and three-stepped the next two with no problem. During the race, I wasnt actively thinking about the three-step, so I 8 stepped cleanly to the first hurdle, but then after that it was just kind of like a habit or something but I involuntarily chopped my steps cuz I’m so used to 5 stepping, so that sucked. I 5 stepped the whole race, but I’m happy that I know I can three-step as long as I focus.

300IH 45.4 HT (PR) 1st JV
This race was kind of a breakthrough race for me. I decided that I was just gonna go balls to the wall and try and sprint the whole thing, and I did pretty good. We ran combined with varsity, and I led all hurdlers going into the last 50m, so I know if I can work on my 300s a little more I can really bring this time down. I also had to stutter step two hurdles and overstride for another 1, so I know I can get a sub 45 before the season is over. I’m happy with this performance though, cuz that’s a PR by 1.2 seconds.

4x400 ??? (anchor leg) 1st JV
This was an OK relay this time. Our first leg kept it close, then our second leg lost a ton of ground, then our third leg brought me in to within 40m or so, and then I caught the guy a bit and finished within 20m of him (they were on a different level). This time I didnt cruise and I actually sprinted cuz I wanted to end the day on a high note, and so I think my split was in the sub 56 area, which I have no problem with at all.

Date: April 21, 2005
Meet: Loyola Dual Meet
Meet Time: 3:00 - 5:30
Surface: All-Weather (the hardest surface I’ve ever run on, it was a pretty fast track)
Weather: Sunny, moderate to strong headwind coming into the finish line
Events: 110HH, 300IH, 4x400 (3rd leg) JV

110HH 19.36 FAT 2nd JV
This time is not bad at all for me, especially since I havent hurdled since last week’s meet. Even with the headwind, I managed to to 8-step to the first hurdle and get off a clean 3-step to the next hurdle. Then I nailed the next two hurdles three-stepping and I had to 5-step the last half of the race. This time is my 2nd best ever once you convert the FAT to HT, and considering I havent practiced the sprint hurdles and my rythmn and form was pretty bad I know this is something I can work with.

300IH 44.63 FAT (PR) 2nd JV
Man, what a race. Employing my new philosophy of racing to the next hurdle and going balls to the wall, I did pretty damn good. I drew lane 3, and I made up the stagger on all but one guy before we got to the curve. Then in the curve I caught the guy and pulled even with him, but on the hurdle coming out of the curve I completely screwed my steps, lost some momentum and landed off-balance, and he pulled 5m ahead. I surged again, and we were dead even going over the 2nd to last hurdle, but then he still had a little left and won at the end. He got a 44.3 I think. So I know if I put everything together that I can beat that time, and sub 44 would be a phenomenal way to end the season at finals in two weeks.

4x400 ??? (3rd leg) split 55.8 HT 2nd JV
The coach moved me to the third leg because he said he was tired of me taking the anchor and then cruising because we were so far behind. So this time - even though they were behind by 50m already - I just went out hard and tried to hold the pace to the end. The fatigue from the 300IH PR showed, but I still got a 55.8 HT split, so I’m satisfied with that.

Next Up: League Prelims, Finals

this is kinda late, but congrats on your 300 PR. 44.6 is a good time.

Mister C, its realy comical because you and I are similar but totally different.
You say you are having problems with rhythm(Im asuming your form is great) yet I have perfect rhythm but still need to work on form. I’ve only just started hudrle spritns but I can 3 step the entire thing. Good job on your new PB by the way.

Thanks, I’m hoping to keep on dropping those PRs every week (suprisingly, I’ve set a PR in either the 300IH or 110HH in every meet so far this year, and I hope I’m not done yet).

Swiftyer, I’d rather have great rythmn than great form. My form could be the best in the nation, but if I have to chop my steps between hurdles then it means nothing. Luckily, I’m getting my rythmn down, and I three-stepped through 6 hurdles cleanly in practice the other day, so I’ll just have to wait and see.

I put this in my training log, but I’ll put it in here as well, my goals for League are

110HH- 16.7 or better

300IH- 43.9 or better

Date: May 5, 2005
Meet: Mission League Finals
Meet Time: 3:00 - 6:45
Surface: All-Weather (very nice)
Weather: Rainy, Cloudy, Moderate wind coming into finish
Events: 110HH, 300IH

Originally, I was supposed to be on the relays too but we scratched both of them for a variety of reasons.

110HH 18.7 FAT (PR) 4th
I’m not happy with this at all. I know my goal of 16.7 for first time three-stepping a whole race was lofty, but I was hoping to at least break into the 17s. First of all, when I tried to take my practice start the starter walked in my lane and I had to run around him, but then when I went back to my blocks to try again the starter told me I couldnt and the track was closed. So I went into the race without having taken a full speed block start to the first hurdle in over 2 weeks, and it completely screwed me over. I came out of the blocks super fast (faster than I’ve ever felt before) and there’s video of me even with the guy who won with 16.2 at the first hurdle. Then it went to shit. Because I hadnt gone this fast before, I came off the first hurdle off balance and it really screwed me. I three-stepped to hurdle 4, then I randomly 5-stepped to hurdle 5, then I three-stepped to hurdle 7, then I 5-stepped the rest of the race. Also, I shouldve placed with third, but one of the school’s dropped a varsity runner down who completely destroyed the rest of us, and so I got 4th instead of what would have been 3rd. The rain in this race didnt help things either, but that’s really no excuse for running as bad as I did. I’ll just have to chalk it up to experience and go for it again next year.

300IH 44.43 FAT (PR) 1st (JV League Champ, coool)
Even though I won, this race was rough. For a variety of reasons, I hadnt run a distance over 60m in the past two weeks, and it really showed at the end of this one. I came out strong from the blocks, and as we were coming out of the curve I was ahead by a whole hurdle (it was pretty cool). Then I died, and I died hard halfway down the straightaway. Luckily, my lead was so big that the other guy didnt have enough room to catch me. I figure I was on pace for a high 42 time if I had worked on Special Endurance instead of focusing on the 110HH these past two weeks, but I’m still happy. Also, my form and rythmn were both pretty bad, but I just figured if I ran hard and attacked the hurdle, it would all fall into place, and that’s exactly what happened.

congrats man, two PRs is a good job.

Thanks, but I still wouldve like to have done better:)

I’ve been looking over the video and here some touchdown times, they’re all automatic times so there’s really no error here. I could only get the times for up to about the 4th or 5th hurdle, depending on what lane I want to see, because after that it’s tough to tell when the foot hits the ground.

H1 2.70
H2 4.12
H3 5.47
H4 7.03
H5 8.49

Here are the times for the guy who won with 16.2
H1 2.60
H2 3.83
H3 5.07
H4 6.30

What I noticed between me and the guy who won on the video is the amount of time spent over the hurdle. We actually took off for the 1st hurdle at the same time, but he spends, about .1 less seconds going over the hurdle then I do. That’s a full second difference to the final time right there. Also, I wasnt accelerating off the hurdles well at all, so I never reached anywhere near my top speed in the race, and I spent most of the time overstriding instead of running fast to naturally lengthen my stride. It didnt help that I nailed hurdle 1, which I didnt even know until I looked back at the video, and that’s why I came off balance right there. Finally, I wouldve done worse in the race (I was actually in 5th coming off the last hurdle), except for the fact that my run in off the last hurdle was awesome. I passed one guy, and he finished with an 18.95. From the video it looks like it was about 1.6 - 1.8 seconds from the time my foot touches down at the last hurdle to the time I cross the finish line, so that saved me a bit right there.

I’ll see if I cant post up the video of the beginning of the race, but I’m gonna stop it after about the third hurdle because after that I’d be too embarassed, the file would be too huge, and it gets kind of hard to tell what’s going on after hurdle 6.

EDIT: Here’s the video http://photos.wakeboarder.com/showphoto.php?photo=9183&cat=500&page=1

I’m the guy in the white singlet in Lane 2 (notice everyone else if from the same two schools, the ones with hurdle coaches who actually know what they’re doing).

Date: February 23, 2006
Meet: Intrasquad Pre-Season Meet
Meet Time: 3:00 - 4:30
Surface: All-Weather
Weather: Cool, no winds
Events: 110HH (36 inches), 300IH

110HH (36 inches) 16.7 HT (PR) 1st Team
Overall, an OK race. Didnt have much time to warmup, so I focused on getting loose instead of doing too many hurdle repititions, and that seemed to work out alright. I came out nicely from the blocks, 3-stepped decently (not slow, but it could definitely be faster) for the first 5 hurdles. Then I 5-stepped the rest of the race. Once I put this together to a full 3-step I’ll be hitting sub 16s, and then once I get that 3-step to be fast then the times will come. Of course, these hurdles were 3 inches lower than regulation, so I’ll have to adjust for that.

300IH 43.9 HT (PR) 1st Team
I shouldnt be too unhappy about this time, but I am. First of all, because they messed with the order of events I had about 15 minutes after the 110HH to rest before I had to run this race. On top of that, I spent at least half of that time dragging hurdles around the infield so that they were in the right spots for the race. Normally, I go into this race feeling fresh after a long break. Today, I was tired before I even got into the blocks. As for the race itself, I only had maybe 1 solid clearance. The other 7 I either stuttered, hit the hurdles, or came off the hurdles off balance (there’s a picture of me that looks like I’m about to fall over). With that being said, there is so much room for this time to improve it’s not even funny, and in 2 weeks from now I expect to be hitting sub 43 no problem.

Date: March 9 ,2006
Meet: Alemany Dual Meet
Meet Time: 3:00 - 6:00
Sufurface: All-Weather
Weather: Cloudy, no wind
Events: 4x100, 110HH, 300IH, 4x400

4x100 ??? 1st Varsity
They didnt field a relay team, so we just through this together and ran it against the frosh team, which we barely beat.

110HH 17.5 HT 1st Varsity
Man, this was bad. The last practice run before the race I gash open my ankle on the hurdle and its bleeding. I get it taped up and run anyways. I 3-stepped the first 7 hurdles, but on hurdle 8 I completely nailed it and almost fell over. I slowed down almost to a stop, then reaccelerated and finished the race. The other guys didnt catch me, but I wanted to do better. I really gotta practice my flexibility and trail leg.

300IH 42.3 HT (PR) 1st Varsity
Man, I flew on this one today. A 1.6 second PR. I felt really bad going into the race, so I didnt even take a practice start. The gun went off and I just let loose. I cleared the hurdles a bit high, and I wasnt carrying as much momentum through as I could have, so there’s still more room for improvement. The fact is, I blew people away today and that felt really good.

4x400 2nd Leg ??? 1st Varsity
Funny story. I’m getting ready to leave, when all of a sudden I hear my name called over the PA system. They want me down at the track now. So I jet down there, and the varsity relay teams are already out on the track. While the 1st leg went, I scrambled and put my spikes on and ripped off my warmups. I literally tied my shoes, stepped onto the track, and took the baton. When I got the baton, I was down by about 45yds (no joke). By the end of my lap, I had made all of that up on the other guy and gotten us the lead by at least 5yds. I destroyed this race, and I really hope someone filmed it. The remarks I got from people afterwards were awesome. “Who’s that?” "Where’d he come from? “Oh my gosh.” Of course, I could hardly move when I was done, but that’s ok. And another of course, the coach didnt have a split for me, but he says he’ll look around. That’s ok though, I know I ran fast and this is all just training for that 300IH race at league finals this year.

Not a bad showing man… Lookin good on those long sprints, the 110 times will come… 42.3 is good for this early yeah? PR too, pretty sweet huh? Good job… I wanna hear your split too! Congrats!

I say you umm… cut off your trail leg. Yah that’ll fix your lazy trail leg. Or at least sleep with a saw next to the foot of your bed. Most definately-positively that will work. I had a lazy eye for a while, and every time it started to go crooked, I would pull out a needle and point it right at the seditious eyeball.

Pound it out foolio. Run hard race hard. You had awesome day. Your improvement will not stop if you stay focused and stay healthy. Just god, please, just don’t hurt yourself b/c of the lazy leg.

“Cut off my trail leg.” Genius, just genius :smiley:

Thanks guys, overall the meet was good for me. Head coach said I was definitely the best athelete out there for our team, and right now I’m the top varsity point getter.

As for the trail leg, I’m just gonna focus on flexibility on my own at home by stretching and getting my hips loose. I’m also gonna invest in some kind of pad or covering to wrap around my trail leg/ankle that I can wear during practice to keep it protected.

I’m looking forward to the 300IH next week, as I’ll finally have a race with competition. People havent been within 6 seconds of me all year, and I’m pretty sure that the school we’re racing next week has two sub42 guys, so it’ll be good motivation for me and I’ll get pushed to run harder during the race. Coach has already submitted my time to the Arcadia Invitational, and I have until the 25th to lower it. Realistically, I’m aiming for sub41 by the 25th, but in a perfect world I’d be running sub40 by then. We’ll see.

Date: March 16, 2006
Meet: Chaminade Dual Meet
Meet Time: 3:00 - 7:00
Surface: All-Weather
Weather: Cloudy, cold, fair tailwind coming into finish line
Events: 110HH, 400, 300IH

110HH ??? 2nd Varsity
The only reason I got 2nd was because there were only two varsity runners. Coming into the first hurdle I either chopped my steps or did something, but i caught my lead leg underneath the front and ate shit on hurdle number one. That hurt, and I proceeded to finish the race anyways. That was a confidence killer.

400 55.1 FAT 2nd Varsity
I ran this right after the 110HH, and I guess it’s ok. I had some bruises from the fall and I wasnt fresh for the race. I was pretty much even with the guy who won in 52.2 up until about the 280 - 300 mark, and that’s where he kept going and I just died. Whatever, this isnt my normal event anyways. It did drain me a lot though.

300IH 42.7 FAT 1st Varsity
At this point, I was just exhausted. I knew the only guy who might be any competition for me at all was in the lane right outside of mine. So for the first 200m of this race I just paced him relatively easily. Then for the last 100 I kicked this sucker home and won by a good 2 seconds. He wasnt happy. Considering I was dead from the fall and the 400 earlier, and the fact that I didnt run this race as hard as I could have, I’m happy about how close this time is to my PR.