Misnamed Sprinter's Training Log

my training hill with my gear by where I start my sprints.

1xGS Circuit
Tempo: 1500 w/assorted side raises and planks between reps
211(no BW btw reps)
BP: 886-205,215,225
w/ reverse pull up x12
DB Shoulder Press 3x8 40
w/ pull up (wide,narrow,underhand)x8

Post chain and traps were pretty sore from Monday but the GS and tempo alleviated a lot of that. Figured my chest would be toast today but everything feels good. Today will be some mobility work and multijump circuits.

dym/static flex
hurdle mobility series
2xrudiment A
1xmultijump series
Verdun (mobility/posture series)

I’m gonna switch Monday and Thursday’s gym work from here on because the RDL’s left my hammies pretty sore. Plannin on hills and weights tomorrow but if there’s any soreness left I may do tempo and move the hills to Friday just to be safe.

Another good workout today, hamstring DOMS was taken care of by a hot bath last night:
Thurs: 300m/40 contacts
Prayer, WU Green
2x(3e dist skips,3e alt leg bound, 2broad)
2x(4x seated double box,8x midthigh box)
Trap Bar Podium DL: 7x4 w/40s 2x185,2x195,2x205,225
Reverse Lunge 3x10e: 115,125,135
2x(10 body curl,12 hypercomplex, 15eMB(9lb) Twist,12 bent leg hyper w/ 25lb,20-15-10 decline complex,12 hip ext w/ 20lb MB)

Glutes got hit pretty hard today.

Planned on tempo and upper weights today but my dog is pretty sick and I don’t wanna risk leavin him. Gonna make the most of it though and do a general strength circuit until I’m feeling tempo-esque fatigue.

2x(MB circuit, GS Circuit)
Didn’t get tempo level fatigue but I decided this was enough because I’ve been up with the dog for most of the past two nights.

GPP Wk 2:
Mon: 300m
WU: Green
3x4x25 1:30/4:30

School started today and I’m trying out a 2 a day schedule for speed and lower body weight days. Glute was feelin funky when used elastically, gonna add some more glute-specific dym/static flex to my speed day warmup. I see it as a positive because it gave me a reason to focus on solid pushes and good posture at submax efforts… and the glute was lettin me know when I was using a good ROM…

Hittin lower body and medball in a few hours.

Monday Weights:
PC 4x6 185,95,205,215
w/VSqx5 after set 2, OHBx5 after set 4
Squat 6x4 45s 2x245,2x255,265,275
RDL 3x12 155,165,175
2x(MB wall sitx25,Sprint sitx24, Dec complex 20-15-10)
MB Spike x5

All the weights were cake, stuck with my plan for weights progression tho to keep things extra fresh for the week. Talked with one of my boys from football and he said he was studying CFTS and interviewed Buddy Morris (works alongside James at PITT) last semester for school, so talked to him for a little about training theory.

WU: Red
Hurdle Mob
1600 tempo (112,121,211,112) side raises/superman raises btw
Incline Bench 8,6,4 175,205,215
w/ reverse pullup x12
2x(5lateral raises,5 front raises)
w/muscle up x5
36 second arm swing
w/10 pullups

Hamstrings are sore from RDLs but not nearly as bad as last week. These are the first high rep squat workouts I haven’t had glute soreness from. Inner thighs/groin area is sore as I sometimes get from squats but that may be the RDLs as well.

Dym Flex, GS Circuit, Verdun x10
Rudiment Ax10
Multijump Series

Feeling good today, ready to hit some good hill work tomorrow.

Early workout: 300m/34 contacts
Hills: 3x5x25 1:30/4:30
Bounds: (3e dist skips,3e alt bounds,3broad)(4e,4e,3broad)
Felt good, kept track of my bounding distances from last week and blew by them this week… Timed 4 random hill sprints and they were all within a .03 window.

Afternoon workout: 28 contacts
TB podium DL 6x4 45s 185,205,2x225,2x235
2x4 seated double box
Reverse lunge 3x8e 125,135,145
2x9 midthigh box
2x(12 hypercomplex w/25 Dbs,10 body curl,12 bent leg hyper with 35,15e MB twist,12 hip thrust w/65 (feet on floor back on bench), 24 PB exchange)

At this point my core is conditioned enough that the body curls just wear on my grip and by the 10th rep it’s more CNS intensive than necessary… rather than trying them with straps I’m going to think of an alternative. A few more changes are going to be made for next Thursday’s workout as far as the setup goes, nothing that will show up on the log though… One more week in this block then it’s time to unload/test.

1200 (112 121 211) side raises/superman raises x10 btw
Bench 864 205,225,245
w/ reverse pullup x12
DB Shoulder Press 3x8 50,55,55
w/ pullups x10 (narrow,overhand,underhand)

Felt good today, no soreness whatsoever from any of the tough post chain work yesterday, last week reverse lunges had my butt sore til Sunday. One thing, I can feel that I’m in the middle of training from the tempo work. My runs now are slightly slower at the same perceived effort than when I was doing only tempo/body weight stuff.

Maybe I have strong shoulders and/or a weak bench, but that seems a big discrepancy between bench and db military.

Could be, these weights gave me a good workout today though. I did them seated on a bench with no back support. I just started upper body weights a few weeks ago after many months off. The bench is down from 365 at the end of training last year, so my weights are likely gonna go up fast in the next few weeks.

Monday Workout 1: 360
WU: Green, prayer
Hills: 3x4x30 2:15/5:30

Workout 2: 30 Throws
Dym Flex
PC 4x6 195,205,225,235
w/ VSquat x6 after set 2, OHB x6 after set 4
Squat 6x4 50s 245,255,2x265,285,295
FSquat x6
RDL 3x12 165,185,205
BLF x6
2x(30 Mb Wall Sit,30 Sprint Sit, 25-15-10 Decline Complex)
Spike x6

Everything felt good today, hill work seems to be coming along nicely and I almost felt guilty at how easy the weights were. One more HI workout Thurs and this block is history.

WU Red, prayer
1600 tempo (112 121 211 112) 10 side raises/superman raises btw
Incline 864 185 205 235
w/ reverse pullup x12
3x(5 lateral,5 front raise) 25,30,30
w/ 36s arm swings

Dym flex, Verdun x10, Hurdle Mob
GS (20 BW,MB,multijump exercises)
Rudiment A x15 (Just to clarify, this is a simple multijump circuit forward, backward, lateral two feet, single foot, alternating, etc)
Multijump x20

Thurs A: 450/40 contacts
Prayer, WU Green
Hills 3x5x30 215/530 rest
Hill Bounds: 2x(4e dist skips, 4e bounds, SQJ)

Workout went really well, it’s dipped from 90s to 60s in the last week so I ran with tights to keep the legs warm. I timed random runs from Monday and today and today I ran 2 quicker runs. Bounds went really well too, last week my skips for distance went 97’10" this week I flew past that and went 112’.

Thurs B: 32 contacts
TB Podium DL 6x4 50s 2x225,2x245,2x265
Seated double box 2x6
Reverse Lunge 3x12 155,175,205
Midthigh box 2x10
2x(12 hypercomplex w/25s, 20 decline reverse crunch, 12 bent leg hypercomplex w/25s, 20e 12lb mb twist, hip ext w/65 lb, 30 PB exchange)

Pretty good workout, weights were easy (although my glutes might think otherwise tomorrow) and the jumps felt decent, I’m more or less following Charlie’s Up>flat>down plyo progression and did the up jump onto a higher stack of boxes rather than into a jump pit so they were a bit of a pain to set up etc but I’m moving to flat work in the next block.

WU red, hurdle mob w/ 6 hurdles
1600 tempo 112 121 211 112 nothing btw reps
bench 864 225 245 265
w/ seated row 3x12 150
DB shoulder press 3x8 55,65,65
w/ muscle upx5 after set 1, alt grip (close perp, overhand) pullup x12 on sets 2,3

I was slightly sore from yesterdays workout, mostly dull glute soreness that’ll be gone by tomorrow. Fridays I come back from a 4 hour ecology field lab before my workouts and, being the end of the week, I just adjust tempo volume according to how I feel during the workout. Today I felt good enough to do the whole 1600. The pullups I pretty much just do however many I feel like I can do 3 sets of, today that was 12, 2 weeks ago that was 8.

That’s it for this initial block, excited to see what kind of numbers I’ll put up for testing.

Mon Early workout: 300
prayer, WU green

Timed these so I could track progress from my timed runs during the last few weeks. I saw little to no improvement to 20 (my first week out I was generous with the stopwatch), 3/4 of the 25 runs were faster than I ran two weeks ago, and also saw improvement in the 30 times. This is after waking up with 5lbs of extra water weight from football/church gatherings over the weekend, it was a good kickoff to the season though with both the Steelers and Buckeyes winning.

Throws testing and weights will be in a few hours.