Misguided's Training Journal

Countdown to state is here. Got a massage, did a half mile of jog-pass, went home.

Had a nice little workout. 6x200m, walkback recovery, about 30 sec for each rep w/ a healthy tailwind. Felt very strong, and wasn’t tired at all. That’s kind of the point of the workout, though.

Today was just exchanges. We lengthened out my leg again because I’m running as fast as I was before my calf injury and our 3rd leg has a cold. Hopefully we’ll get it done. We leave tommorrow for state.

hye man i wannted to tell u that i am also 17 .a sprinter i am goining to visit toronto this summer so i want to know which team u play for and if you play in toronto

Sorry, man. I live in Montana. I’ve never even been to Canada. But hey, you’re my age, what are your PB’s?

Restarting training following a heartbroken hiatus after state. I only have the opportunity to lift for 1/2 hour a day this week (work conflicts), but next week will be better and I will also start plyos and some accel. work. If anyone has any tips on what to do at this point in the season, I’m all ears.

Yesterday: 5x5 deep squats @ 135; 3x10 SLDLs @ 80, sore today
Today: 5x5 Bench @ 135, 135, 135, 155 (set of 4, I’m weak) 135. Flies 3x10 @ 10lb and military press 3x10 @ 70

how did u do on the ap history test? i took it last year, completely bombed it.

I haven’t gotten the results yet. It was tough, though. My guess is probably I got a 2 or 3.

Just returned from MSU Track & Field Camp in Bozeman. It was fairly fun, very tiring, and I learned a couple things, mostly pre-race strategy and warm up stuff. Soreness aside, I will be practicing tommorrow, hopefully weights and track.

Tommorrow track work begins. I’m very excited.

T-Bench: 8-6-10 @ 135
B-Squat: 10-8-10 @ 135
3x10 lunges @ 35
3x5 pullups
3x10 dips
3x10 shoulder mobility
180 sit ups

We moved stuff out to the track today so I can do plyos out there. I was also given the key to the track, so I’m ready to go. Today’s workout may or may not happen depending on whether the wind storm we’re in the middle of subsides.

Yesterday my friend who is running the 800m and 1500m for Eastern Oregon and I went through a Seagrave warmup plus some extra hip mobility stuff and sprint drills, sit ups and stuff. Not a bad general prep workout. Tonight is max V.

Weight Room:
3x5 Squats @ 175
8-6-6 Bench @ 145
3x10 ham curls @ 30
3x10 lunges @ 80

Last night I did plyos and max V. For plyos, I jumped on a 36" box, jumped off (no depth jump yet), tuck jump, onto a 24" box, land, tuck jump, into push up start and high knee run over hurdles. I did 2x5 of these, 5 min in between sets.

Max V I did ins & outs, 2x3x80m, 5min between sets. First set I focused on breathing patterns, last one on technique. On my last rep I didn’t slow down for the “out” part, I just made a smooth acceleration and held it. For the first time, I could hear my turnover speed up as late as 45m. I feel like the track camp may have helped my form, particularly lowering the amount of heel kick I have in the back, increasing turnover.

Tonight was short but sweet. 4x300m, 5 min recovery between each. 51 (oops), 47, 45, 43…focused on running the last 100m of each faster than the beginning. I think it’s a good habit to work on, finishing strong. 180 sit ups and mobility circuit afterwards.

Work kicked my ass today, so I took it easy on the track, worked on long jump stuff with a friend who triple jumps, did a couple 14 step approaches.

T-bench 4x4 @ 155, 160, 165, 175
Box Squats 4x4 @ 185, 185, 225, 225
Flies 3x10 @ 10
SLDLs 3x10 @ 80
Upright Rows 3x10 @ 45, 55, 55
180 sit ups