Misguided's Results

Tommorrow is the first outdoor meet of the year. It’s just a time trial, team only, but I am excited, because our team has more depth than it’s ever had while I’ve been here. Possibly 6 sub 12 100m kids, that doesn’t happen often in a small mountain town.

Indoor/old outdoor PR’s:
100m: 11.75h
200m: 24.1 FAT
400m (outdoor): 55.14 FAT (till tommorrow)
400m (indoor): 55.03 FAT (see)
4x100: 44.51 FAT
4x400: 3:31.32 FAT
LJ: 19’10"

Looking tommorrow to run around 11.6-7 and hopefuly high 53, low 54. I’m confident I can go sub 52 this year, things have been clickin’ in practice, I’m faster than ever. Going to miss my friend who runs a sub-51 400, split 23.8 indoor 4x200 and has never run a 100, he would have but he’s in Florida. There’s a kid from the football team who is a 4.6 40y and will probably do well, but he tried to race me in a start last week and I am a meter ahead about, and later in the race is when it gets goin’ for me. Hopin’ for the best.

Meet: BCHS Time Trials
44 degrees, 5-10mph headwind
100m: 11.51 FAT (1st)
400m: 55.00 FAT (1st)

This was just a trial within the team, and our fastest 400m kid was gone. I had a terrible start in the 100 but got up and relaxed and scored an easy win, 2nd was 11.7. The wind wasn’t too bad for the 100, very slight headwind. I felt very good, and my coach thought I looked good as well. Massive PB, but I knew it was coming. Looking for sub 11.3 as the year goes on.

In the 400m, I knew I had it won before it started. I floated a very very easy 300m, and gave 'er hell in the last 100. I wasn’t very tired at all afterwards. 2nd was 56.8.

Overall, I am very optimistic about my day, I am excited for the 1st real meet, which is on April 2nd, at home. Shooting for 11.4, 23.7, and 54.5. Probably will long jump as well, hope to go over 19’6".

Wow, awesome job. That’s moving.

do you lift weights and if so what are your PB’s?

Man you will kill 54 seconds. Even if you don’t do any event specific work. Meets will be enough for you to drop it down to 53 seconds, with 100/200 pr’s like yours.

Thanks for the support, guys. I look forward to telling and hearing about track results from all over. I know that most of you are already getting going in the season, but it’s about 20 degrees and snowing hard here today. Montana has some wild weather.

Senri, I do lift. I weigh 130lbs, bench 190. I have just recently started squatting again after fighting tendinitis in my knees. Right now my squat is around 250? but I squatted 300 as a freshman so I hope to increase that number. Squats in our weight training classes are to 1" past parallel. I can’t do cleans because of a wrist surgery I had. I do alot of auxillary work, lat pulls and shoulder exercises, along with SLDLs and lunges.

Tommorrow I’ll get the schedule for the meet Saturday. It’s the Sheridan Invitational here in Dillon, they have no decent track because they are a tiny Class C school (town pop. is about 400) and there will be over 20 schools their size at the meet. Us and another school our size will be the biggest teams, and traditionally take home the glory. I am running the 100m, 200m, LJ, and both relays. The past two years a 23.7 would have won it, I’m pretty sure I can nail that. Shooting for wins in 200m and both relays, 23.7, 11.47, and low 45s, just for the first meet. Barring any mishaps (knock on wood), we will be much faster than our 6th place at State 4x100 of last year. We ran a 46.00 w/ one really bad pass at this meet last year, finished at 44.51. I am excited to see if, and how much, we can get faster than that.

Just curious, how many events do they let you compete in over there? For us the max is 4, including relays and field events, and you’ve got 5 listed.

5 is the max here. Our schools are generally smaller, so we need people to run more events. You can do 6 at state if you want, as in, if you have a good enough relay, you can not run on the relay at divisionals and get on it at state and that gives you an extra event. A girl collapsed in the 4x400 last year at state after a grueling day. I am not sure whether that will lead to rule changes in the future or not.

Meet: Sheridan Invitational (in Dillon)
Weather: mid 50s, wind gusting anywhere from 0-25mph, headwind
100m: 11.79 (4th)
200m: 23.62 (Tie-1st) (PR)
LJ: 19’6 1/2" (5th)
4x100: 45.13 (1st)
4x400: 3:39.2 (1st)

Very happy with the day. The wind proved hectic, wasn’t bad for the 100, maybe 5-8 mph headwind, 1st was 11.75, so it was just a give and take. He was in a different heat, so I would have liked to have raced him. 4 kids w/in .04 of each other! I won my heat easily.

Next came the 4x100. We just flat-out dominated the meet, we won by over 50 meters. Handoffs 1 & 3 were very good, handoff 2 was bad, incoming ran up on the 3rd leg. .87 faster than we ran at this meet last year, and ended up 44.51. It felt good, by the time I got the baton, we had the race won, and I was told I pulled away more.

Long Jump wasn’t too bad. We had a bit of a tailwind for it, I remember looking down on my best jump (ugh) but the wind must have carried me. I was satisfied w/ my performance for how little I’ve worked on it.

200 was fun. The wind was a 15-20mph tailwind for the first three steps, and coming off the curve was like running into a wall. That’s when I pulled away. The kid in the heat after me tied me, dammit. I wanted to win alone, but oh well. Very happy with that time, especially into that wind. I’ve always been a better 200 runner than 100m guy.

4x400 was another cake-walk. We had the lead the whole race, 1st leg ran 55.7 (I think), giving us a short lead, 2nd 55.8 (I think), which put us ahead by 20 feet, I ran 53.8, solid but not too hard 1st 200, and glided through the exchange 100m ahead and our anchor (following a 52.0 400, leg on 4x100 and very windy 2:08 800–all 1sts) ran a 54.1 and pranced across the finish line a country mile ahead of the pack. 3 seconds faster than this meet last year, and we ended up at 3:31.

Overall, very very happy, especially with 4x100 and 200. We scored 125 points at this meet. It had over 20 teams, but most of them were very small and terrible. It was a good day.

Next meet is Tuesday, Frenchtown invitational, on their 2 year old, 10 lane track. It’s a fairly nice track, harder than most new tracks are around here. Running the 400m, LJ, and both relays, I believe. Shooting for Low or Sub-54, 19’8".

With an 11.51 I think you have 52’s in you with proper pacing and sharpening things throughout the season. Great job!

Chris, I’m definitely shooting for 52s but I’m also being patient, and I’d rather run a 52 at divisionals or state as opposed to tommorrow. I wouldn’t mind a low 53 tommorrow, though.

Meet: Frenchtown Quadrangular
Conditions: mid 50s, sunny, variable wind
100m: 11.5h (2nd)
400m: 54.0h (3rd)
4x100: 45.3h (1st)
4x400: 3:37.4h (1st)

Didn’t feel good about the 100. Had a bad start, tightened up, my right arm went straight. I got 2nd by a tenth supposedly, but he was farther ahead of me than that. Darn handtimers.

400 was weird. I got lane 8 and the kid outside of me was very slow, and of course I came out waayy too fast, lead the race for 275m, and then the stagger caught up to me, and I pretty much just stumbled across the finish line. The wind was blowing about 10mph at that point, into your face on the backstretch. I got 3rd by just barely, outleaned a kid at the finish. A teammate and friend of mine ran the fastest time so far in Class A, 51.7.

4x100 was bad, we all ran really tense, tight. I had a kid I beat in the 100 make up ground on me, I wasn’t happy about that. We still won, but it was closer.

4x400 wasn’t bad. I got cut off by the team in 1st really bad right away, and just let him block the growing-stronger wind on the backstretch, and kind of cut him off back on the curve, but not as brutally. Ran a good final 100, handed it off in 1st by a bit, and our anchor brought it home.

Final reaction: Optimistic that I could run poorly and place well, 4 out of 6 of our division’s teams were there. I am ranked 4th in the division in the 100 and 3rd in the 200. Ready for the 200 next Tuesday.

I’ve decided to quit setting time goals, because some meets we go to are FAT and some are a bunch of geezers sitting around with stopwatches. Instead, I will set strategy goals. E.g. in the 200 next week, I want to smart good, run a smooth curve, and finish very tall and powerful. I want to not worry about some kid coming up behind me in the 4x100, and relax and have confidence that I can beat him. We’ll see.

Meet: Smelter City Invitational (Anaconda)
Conditions: Variable, 40s-50s, variable, swirling winds, clouds with scattered sun
100m: 11.54 (5th)
200m: 23.23 (1st, PR)
4x100m: 45.62 (3rd)
4x400m: 3:32.2 (1st)

The 100m was ok. I had a bad start but caught up to a couple 11.3 kids and almost caught a kid that smoked me last week. I got 2nd in my heat but a tailwind came up for the later heats and some fast kids got by. I wish we had more prelim-finals type meets.

The 4x100m sucked. We botched our handoff bad, I just came out really fast or something and ran away from the 3rd leg, had to turn around at the end of the exchange zone and get it. Caught a couple kids and wound up 3rd. Not too happy with that performance.

200m was fun. The kid who won my heat of the 100m was in the lane outside of me (i was in lane 4) and he ran a faster curve than I did but I knew that he’d tighten up, and he did, and I came out with the win. Wind was minimal, if at all, it was tail. Felt really happy about it, people in the division know who I am now.

4x400m: People definitely know who we are after today. That time is 1 sec slower than our prelims at state time last year, which seeded us 4th. Our first two legs had run the 400m earlier, and our 1st leg had run the 200 as well, and they were a little tired, ran 54-flats apiece. We were in 3rd, behind by about 20m, when I got the stick and played catch up, catching the 2nd place kid right away and duking it out with the 1st place kid on the homestretch. I split 52.7, best 400 I’ve run ever so far. Handed off neck and neck with 1st place, but their anchor was a low 53 kid and our anchor smoked him, ran a 51.7 split and we won by a fair stretch. 2nd was 3:35. Fastest time in MT so far this year.

Overall Reaction: Optimistic that I could run well in the 100m with a bad start. Optimistic that we still ran a 45.6 with a TERRIBLE hand-off, and we are switching the 4x100m order back to its original line-up, thank god. Optimistic that I beat a powerhouse kid in our division in the 200m, and nothing short of elated at our 4x400 time. The school record is 3:28, I sure hope we break it.

Found out this morning that my 23.2 is good for number 2 in Class A in Montana, behind the kid I beat to run it. His time last week was faster. Our 4x400 is number one in all classes, and our 4x100 is number one. It’s very early, though, and alot of teams have had a hard time getting decent weather. We’ll see how we’re doing later in the year.


You might need to adjust your 400 target down to 51 :slight_smile:

How old are you BTW?


Man, with 23.2 200 speed you have potential right now for at least 51.0-50.9… Keep it up, you might suprise yourself.

Thanks guys, eventually (as in before I graduate) I want to break the school record for the 400m, which is 50.1. It would be awesome to run a low 51 this year though, and there’s some season left. If it gets nice towards the end of May, I’ll just give it my all and see what the result is. I’m running the 400 at one of the bigger meets in the state on Saturday, so I’ll maybe get to see how good I’m actually doing.

Chris, I am 17. I’m a junior in high school.

Cortese, I’ve been watching your progress man and you’ve been having a pretty good year yourself. How old are you?

Side note: I apparently ran a 23.27, not 23.23…still happy