misguided's new training journal

alright, after a brief break from sprinting, doing nothing more than farklets and tempo work in cross country, I am back to doing a sprint workout. Tonight was my first night. To review: I am a 15 year old sophomore sprinter, PBs of 11.72, 24.20, and 53.84. I want to qualify for state in all the sprints, and place in the 400. We also expect to get 1st or 2nd in the 4x100 (team goal 43.5) and place in the 4x400 (3:32). I am running cross country right now, mostly for fun, and doing my other workouts after CC, or before, depending on what time CC practice is. I am not going to mention the long runs that CC practice requires before these workouts as I don’t see them as important or beneficial. Another note: I am currently recovering from a bone graft surgery and am in a cast. I am cleared to run though, and it doesn’t affect my technique much.

Alright. my first workout of the new GPP. Since I am in decent shape already, I kind of jumped into a tougher intensive tempo workout. 2 sets of 5, 80m at 80ish%, 30 second recovery in between reps, 5 minutes in between sets. Felt really good, very relaxed, and I felt very tall. Went very mildy lactic on the last rep of the first set, and was pretty lactic at the end of the last rep in the 2nd set. After that I took a contrast shower.

today i did extensive tempo, 15x 100m, 65ish%, w/ a 90 second break in between reps. after that i did agility drills with the CC team. I was very surprisingly spry after the workout, i felt really good, other than some mild soreness in my ankle. i’m taking tommorrow easy on it, and icing, though.

Today the only work I did was an extended warm up and 4x 50m sprints on grass w/ the XC team. One kid who consitantly beat me in the sprints last track season was obviously slower than me, which made me feel good. I was pretty sore from yesterday, but I loosened up after warmups. Iced my ankle again, but it doesn’t feel bad, just mild tenderness.