Minor ham strain

Just strained my left hamstring today. It’s very minor and only felt it after the sprint. It’s one thin band of muscle maybe half an inch thick going from the top of the ham to the middle thats painfull.
Walking, lunging even jumping causes no pain.
How many days and how seriously should I rehab this?
What should I be doing over the next week or so for something this minor?

Do everything you see in the many hamstring threads on this site. If it is minor you need to rice to ensure it doesnt get worse.

I’ll dig them up and take a look. when should I be thinking of applying heat rub to loosen it out?

No such thing as a minor hamstring pull…

Well I wouldn’t call it a pull. I didn’t feel a thing untill after the sprint when I was walking back. It’s like a thin band of bad soreness.

Do you have a limp or is it just sore. Do you have any crapping or does it like you are being stabbed?

No limp or cramping. At the time it felt pretty sore but it was very local, just one thin band of muscle maybe half an inch thich and 3 inches long. But right now just a few hours later it feels great, little to no soreness. Guess I’ll know by tomorrow morning how bad it really is.

u will be ok. Ice and take a epsolm salt bath. do tempo tommorrow and rest the hammie. you should be ok

Will do. Thanks for the help