Mike Weir Wins The Masters

:clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap: <-------golf claps

I went totally nuts after he won the masters because he is from my hometown and because he graduated from my current highschool.

Facts: all 6 of his PGA tournament victories were come from behind victories with 3 of them in sudden death.

Our high school track coaches are asking him for a new track because he will most likely be at the top of the money list again. :wink: hopefully he can give back to his old high school.

Go Mikey!

Thats greatโ€ฆMike Weir is the first Canadian to capture a masters win.

Well doneโ€ฆ


I could be wrong but is he the first Canadian to win any major? Anyway, great win. It was one of those play-offs where you would like to see both contestants win - except if you were a Canadianโ€ฆor an American :sing:

correct, first CND to win a major and the first lefty to win the masters.

I am left-handed and I was rooting for both Wier and Mickelson. I personally wanted Tiger to win.But he had a disaster last round of 75.
So with him out of the picture,I was left to root for both Wier and Mickelson.:clap:

Great win for Weir. Iโ€™m a big fan!

we must have had every major news station in our school today interviewing people like fox, channel 4, ctv, everybody. Even the newspapers like the globe and mail and the star, sun, its crazy!

the high school had a huge buzz around it. i cant explain it -its awesome.

he bought us a new bus hopefully we can get a new track.

The only thing is he probably should of won it without a play off.

Good to see a canadian beat an american. My canadian friend down here has been drunk since he won.

Tiger didnโ€™t have his face on. He peaked in the third round.

Yaaaaaa!! Many were saying before the Masterโ€™s and after the 1st day that Weir is better coming from behind and not a good leader. Well, no need to subscribe to that theory anymore!

T2JK - good for Sarnia as well. Some time ago, when I was at U of T, a friend of mine who was from Sarnia used to joke that acid rain put Sarnia on the map. That may or may not have not been true, but Weir is definitely positive press for Sarnia.

How much can Mike Weir bench? LOL

Mike Weir,

I believe his dad is Scottish:clap: