Mike Forgraves

For those of you who have followed many threads here, you would have heard Charlie or myself recommend very strongly the advice of a fellow athlete turned foot expert.

Once in the past 20 plus years Charlie and I tried another recommended foot " expert".

It was a big mistake. We never tried again.

We thought trying someone local would be more efficient for our business.

Mike practiced in Kitchener Ontario approximately 1.5 hours drive west of Toronto.

I first started seeing Mike for my custom orthotics in 1986 for a leg length differential.

Mike has been updating my orthotics many times since.

Charlie and I sent all of our personal and professional clients to Kitchener to see Mike.

Recently, I finally made the time to visit Mike. My visit was long over due and I am so happy to have made those last few trips.

It was on this last visit just over one month ago that he told me he had not been well. He asked me not to share this information with anyone at that time.

When I first started running hurdles I had the opportunity to compete against his wife Sylvia. It had been a big thrill for me to run one of my very first 100 meter hurdle races against her. Up to that point I had only ever done HJ and the 60 meter hurdle event. Sylvia was one of the first woman in Canada to run under 13 seconds in the woman’s hurdles.

Mike was a warm , hard working person who was very knowledgeable at what he did and always put more than 100 percent into what he did.

On behalf of everyone at charliefrancis.com, we are so sorry for the loss of an amazing person. Mike will be greatly missed as a person , a friend and one of the professionals we routinely called on.


I am very sorry to hear about this Angela. Dr. Forgrave had an excellent reputation. May he rest in peace.

This is a real shock. I was very fortunate to meet Mike through Charlie and Ange when I was up there in 2005 (my god, has it really been 10 years?). He was a great guy. His custom orthotics saved my lower legs from years of overpronation. I even ordered a replacement set from him several years ago, many of which I haven’t even used yet because the original ones have held up so well. I’m really glad I ordered them when I did. My condolences, Ange.