Mike Blasquez- Football Workout

Does anyone have information about De La Salle High School football Strength and Conditioning program? I would love to see the set-up (sets and Reps) And the running aspect. I have tried leaving message with them But no answers? I heard its really intense. Mike Blasquez was in charge.


I know nothing about Mike Blasquez and his training programs, however I will say that anytime I hear someone say that a program is really intense, brutal or whatnot like it is a good thing, my red flags go up.

Any idiot can come up with a program that wears down an athlete and makes them vomit at the end of a session. The trick is actually coming up with a program that has the minimal amount of training to get the maximal amount of performance.

Anyway, like I said I know nothing about Mike or his programs, so I’m not saying that it is good, bad or indifferent just my little observation.

Agreed xlr8

Yeah… the question that immediately comes to my mind after someone says intense is the injury count and real-world gains?

ive seen very little, but have read their focus is on quickness and agility drills, along with acc. and maximal speed development…

Who cares what their S&C is like? It’d be interesting to see, but they win because they recruit top talent and are coached well.

The fact ‘brutal’ was mentioned in relation to a program supposedly focused on high level qualities like accel and max speed ; am I the only one that sees the paradoxical nature of these statements. Having said that we are only outsiders speculating here.

I agree with xlr8 though, unfortunaely very few people understand this concept and most who do fold into the pressure eventually and end up forfilling the coaches ideals in the end. It takes someone with lots of self belief and determination to stick to their guns and try to convince people of more optimal ways. The people who manage to do this throughout there career end up being the ones we all aspire to be like. Ian King and his philosophies for example.

I think intense might be the wrong word to use. What I did mean is that the players and coaches believed working out to get the desired results for winning. They start their program in January and continue through the season. They felt deeply inspired to outwork their opponents in the off season.