Mike 89 Combine Numbers

I started this thread rather than put in under Football Shoes. My apologies if this topic has been covered. If so, you young guys can tell the middle-aged football coach to go away.

Mike 89 says “Football Coach- thanks for your info on the various tests, I’m kind of just getting back to running. (I had a mild injury.) Currently, I’m 6’2 280 lbs, I’m hoping for a 30 inch vert, 30 plus reps on the bench, and I’m consistently running under 1.4 seconds in my tens. I’m hoping that will get me noticed.”

And I said: Mike - Those would be impressive numbers. Kris Jenkins did 1.76 / 33 reps / 31 vertical. Here are some links to compare yourself.




Thank you Football Coach, those links are awesome!!!