Microwave carbs

I’m looking for ideas for carb sources that can be microwaved b/c they are fuel and not nutrient suppliers.

I was looking at McCanns quick steel cut oats but I still think you need an oven for them. They have rolled oats you can nuke but I guess those are not as good for some reason? (why?)

Beans might be an option also, can anyone recommend a brand that can be ordered online?

Any other carb sources (aside from fruits + veggies) people can think of?

And yes, Hot Pockets are readily available but please don’t suggest them.

I just nuke rolled oats in the morning.

do you not have access to a stovetop?

Why order beans online they cost 70 cents for like a weeks worth at the grocery store. But then agian i don’t know how you’d microwave those.

Rice and yams are two sources. Pretty much any carb source you can cook on a stovetop can be microwaved…

Don’t believe any of that “microwaving food is bad” crap - there’s no reason you can’t put oats in a microwave.

RICE!!! Forgot about that, I’m going to order some Texmati, thanks Ironhead. As far as ordering online it’s just b/c it’s hard to get to a grocery store at college, especially the good ones, and you can find most things for close to the same price online when you factor in sales tax. Yams’ll be good for variety, do they have the same issue as fruits/veggies as far as mainly filling liver glycogen stores instead of muscle?

Marshall, I don’t have access to a stovetop.

How can it not? Heat does breakdown nutrients and the research on microwaves and nutrient loss is nothing new…it will not become radioactive and cause babies with five hands but it isn’t a great option save fuel.

The research is so conflicting with regards to microwaves and nutrients, amino acids etc etc.

Yes there are certain foods that shouldn’t be nuked like vegetables or anything you want to keep antioxidants in - but if he’s just looking for fuel and not nutrients, there shouldn’t be a problem.

I agree that clean fuel such as starch can be nuked and they will not glow in the dark…as for vegetables steam or raw…protein? Still up in the air but I prefer lower temps.

I’m with Clemson on this one

  • of course if I’m rushed I occasionally nuke, but as a rule, I try and just plan a little and slow cook.

There is little reserach one way or the other, but I just feel safer doing it that way.

so what abt Quick Oats…are they no good for breakfast?? Ive been eating a bowl of quick oats with raisins daily for months. Its fast and tasty. And when I can afford it, I’ll add some Low Carb Grow…and thats breakfast.