Mick's results.

Hey guys 23 year old dude from australia just getting into sprinting. Training it up by running hard and doing weights hard.

Im 171cm (5"8.5’) 70kg (154lbs).

Current lifting 1RMs @ 154lbs.
Bench 235lbs, Squat 300lbs, deadlift 400lbs

PBs: Bench 325lbs @ 164lbs, Deadlift: 465lbs @164lbs. Squat didnt max out on.


60m: 7.51 (Multiple timers Averaged)
100m: 11.9 (Multiple timers)
200m: 25.3 (Multiple timers)
400m: 59.1 (Single hand timer)

I have outdoor track meets on a very quality track every week so plan on updating it consistently. :slight_smile: Thanks dudes. Man im tired of squats…

Tuesday 21st FEB 2006:

100m: 11.9
Slow heat, came first, felt relaxed and had good mid-range acceleration, not very taxing, didn’t run flat out. Coach said im not working my arms hard enough.

400m: 57.8
Comments. This heat was way too fast for me with guys running into the low 50s, i felt dodgy at the end, but i think 400s are good training because anything this hard must be good for me right?

Tuesday 28th February 2006.

Tartan Track CTOWN.
Conditions: Perfect.

Background: These meets consist of a few heats in each event with the first heat being the fastest heat. I tend to run in the 2nd heat and finish either first or second, the reason I do this is to receive a more accurate hand time. I noticed finishing 4th in some very fast first heats my times would be out by almost a full second due to split hand timing on a single watch when there aren’t enough hand timers.

60m: 7.50

Comments felt very sluggish and weak (one of those days), didnt really push it out, just aimed to stay with the leader, finished 2nd. Pretty good time for how I felt.

200m: 25.08

Same thing again, just maintained my position (2nd) behind a guy who is in another speed and fitness bracket to me, fended off challenges from guys I knew I should beat, successfully.
Technically this is a PB for me, but it still wasn’t the best I can do and didn’t feel fast for me.

Next week and from now on I am just going to brass up and run in the fast heats, ignore the inaccurate times and just try and race these punks. Faster heats = me faster yeah! :smiley:


100m: 11.8 (PB)

Comments. Very fast heat, kept in touch with the fast guys and lowered my PB, so I am happy with this performance. Start was not particularly fast, top speed felt like it was up and the time probably supports this.

400m: 59.4

Ran this after running my 100 race and doing several 100m training sprints at full pace. So I just ‘cruised’ and aimed to run 59-60. Glad I ran it because I think 400s are good for fitness. Could be wrong I dont know.

What time of day are you racing? I’m guessing it is early evening.

What are you trying to achieve from these meets, training or performance?

Gday John, these races are usually between 7:30pm and 8:45pm. As I am an amateur they are training runs with an aim to gradually lower my time for 100m and 60m. My training is half arsed, i just train when i can, rock up to the track and see what happens.

Current PBs are 400: 57.8, 200: 25.08, 100 11.8. 60m 7.5


Tues 14th March:

200m: 24.9 Slow non-aggressive start made the whole race run slower.

60m: 7.5 a bit notchy but was well in the mix with the faster 100m guys.