This past week in East Lansing it has been with windchill, in the negatives every single day!!! It seems like every day that I wake up it has been colder than the last and each winter gets colder than the prior. The only thing that keeps me going when I’m trying to trod through a foot of snow with the freezing wind blowing in my face at 30mph is knowing that I will not be living in MI anymore! I will reside in Florida, where it’s 70+ year round! The forecast said it is 12 degrees today… yea right, 12 degrees what, Kelvin? Sorry, just had to vent a little, thanks.

Hahaha, in Calgary we have had windchills in the past week colder than -50C!!!(-58F). It’s warmed up a bit lately to about -20 to -25C (-4 to -13). Luckily I have access to two high quality indoor tracks within five minutes of where I live.

Are you transferring to a college in Florida?

I’m not sure yet. I was completely intending to transfer before but I recently got a job in the molecular biology/biochemistry lab on campus(which is my major). So if I leave I could be missing out on an outstanding opportunity to build my resume, but if I stay I will have to deal with a few more MI winters. :frowning:

this winter really hasn’t been that bad to me but i guess i’m used to cause I’ve lived here in michigan all my life