Who is he currently working with? I know he was with Darryl Woodson in the past who also coached him in college.

No-one knows? A lot has changed I see. These aren’t the forums I remember from 2002-2007


On Twitter he has mentioned being in Texas alot.

I’ll ask him later…i speak to him quite a bit on the blackberry.

He works in Austin with Bianca Knight still does he not?

He said darrell woodson.

Thanks ESTI… next time you message him could you ask him about an individual named Jermaine S. …This guy is claiming to be training him… Just want to figure out what the deal is…

would you rather get a definite answer or complete inaccurate answer? also there are certain people especially ange who are busting their backsides trying to keep the CF spirit alive and such comments arent really nice…


Mike Rogers looks like a young John Smith.

LOL Jermaine S is a good guy known him for years but Hes ALWAYS got a story to tell…

Except about a foot shorter!! Mike came up to my shoulder and I’m 5’10…saw him in Oregon this past week. John was there as well.