Michael Johnson Working For The Bbc!

I am glad that Michael Johnson, is working with the BBC. I think the man knows what he is talking about, and he is a realist. I thought that the three John Regis, Roger Black, and Michael JOhnson where good togther at the european champs 2002. I seen michael Johnson at the opening cermony!, but i only watched abit of it. Because i went to the pictures to see I, ROBOT! (it was good). At the end of the day, Michael Johnson is a very good presenter and evaluates performances well. I do not know if John Regis is working with the BBC there year.
I think that the BBC have the best coverage of the olympic games, and the games are interactive on the BBC, if you have sky. So this is good. For example today i did’nt want to watch the gymnastics so, i just choose to watch boxing.
I have seen that Eurosport have there coverage up and going, they are trying but it is’nt no where near the qauilty of the BBC.

This part of the post was from atoboldon’s letsrap, a few people where saying that JOhson was negative and him and Carl lewis where responisble for track and feilds, lack of appeal. (so i replied)

Michael Johnson
is a
Strainght talker, he is a realist and tells the turth. I think he knows what he is talking about, and dose’nt hold back his comments because what country he is in or whatever. I poste this toic on the IAAF forums and i had some negative post.
But at the end of teh day, JOhnson is qaulity. Free talking, and a very relaxed presenter. Some people on te iAAF FOURMS where, saying that he dose not inspire Uk veiwers. I think this is very childish, i am form the uk. And i don’t what to sit there, and listen top people chating about Kelly Holmes and Paula RadcliffE, Darren Campell all day. Beause there are other athletes in the worold threatening to do damage.
The wolrd of sport is harsh.
Yes some of his comments may anger people, but they are just his veiws. I don’t think he is such a bad person.
And i don’t think he has done anything to stop track feild world wide appeal. Thats all about thE athletes, the athletes make the sport.
Its tough