Micellar Casein

I have had time in the past couple days to explore the forum and was quite intrigued by Clemson’s Anti-Catabolic Cocktail. I am looking for a tasty protein and lipid combination, and I am quite fond of coconut milk and/or oil. It seems, though, that the micellar casein that was meant to be used in the cocktail is no longer available. Does anyone have suggestions for a high-quality micellar casein protein product? Price is an issue, but as has been stated, I would most likely pay more per gram of animal/fowl/fish tissue than I will per gram of quality powder.

Casein is still available


Thanx, no23, that is exactly what I was looking for in a site.

MPI is good enough. 80& casein (micellar stuff) and 20% whey.