Micellar Casein

Micellar Casein and other cheaper types of casien protein;wha’s the differences?

MC is the shit. Pure undenatured stuff. The cheap ones like calcium caseinate uses different processing, i think some type of acidification. Google them. It isn’t hard…

Some rules of casein products such as micellar types:

Consume them 2-3 times as much as whey. From my experiences the benefits of anticatabolism and body composition are enormous.

Cooking with them is tricky but if you do they act just ask bricks…if you cold cook with them like tossing it in oatmeal right berfore serving it is ok.

Caseins are now getting engineered since the micellar structure can be replicated in the the lab without real loss or can be enhanced.

What about milk protein isolate? As you know, it’s 80% casein and 20% whey. How much does it contain micellar casien?

Cassien cassenate? Glycospherated cassein? Are they as good as micellar cassein? I hope I’ve spelt the frist two correctly, I’ll go and check it out and edit later. Becuase they keep going on about micellar and not other types of cassein.

IS Micellar cassein the best type of cassein powder?

I have been pleased with low carb grow from Biotest…the micellar blend is the best casein so far because of the special gum like qualities.

(1) Make sure real meals are a priority, shakes are good but real meals can’t be beat.

(2) Only take casein when meals are tough to get in or if you are training very hard…good nutrition works with good training so recovery days with tempo circuits are suggested.

(3) Coconut milk can be added to any casein blend for immune boosting.

I know some take a casein shake in the morning. On the weekends i workout in the morning. I eat roughly 2 hours before i workout. Is it ok to have a casein protein 2 hours before your workout. With the slow release this would ensure your digestive system is working during the workout, so this will take away much needed blood flow away from the working muscles. Is this such a problem 2 hours later or is it only small amounts on aminos being released up to 8 hours after consumption?

What have been other experience with this. Any thoughts or suggestions would be great.