Men's 60 Yard Dash - 1985 Millrose Games

BJ in there for 3rd place.


A slim ben.
Maybe I need to start reaching out to my ankles

and here is Ben in the Semi-Finals at the 84 Games in LA.


Did you read some of the comments on this video? 377 comments and some of them are hilarious. People are not terribly thoughtful albeit or educated but it’s good for a laugh.

It’s really cool when people add videos of some of the really good races.
It’s also really interesting how many know exactly what is going on and how each runner ranks over time.

Thanks for posting the video Balance.

I just spoke to Ben on the phone and he was coming back from York coaching someone.

He always makes me laugh when I speak to him. He has incredible resilience.

I was ready to run one of my best races ever at Millrose and I was lucky to get into the race in the first place. I was in lane one and the long jump was going on. I slipped and fell over the first hurdle as there was sand and I had the wrong fucking spikes. I got pretty hurt and was banged up pretty good and struggled to run a few weeks later in Nevada. I should have been tougher and looking back even John Smith had noticed how good I looked in the warm up. None of it matters if you aren’t able to make something happen.

Nevada was a few weeks later and I remember watching Jackie Joyner barely warm up and in our race she broke the world record. I ran poorly and had not bounced back from the fall. I had hurt my knee and was on anti inflames and doing all I could but still I did not run the way I had been running.

This race was the first race they had introduced betting and my self and Jack Pierce( 110m hurdler) and Joe Greene ( long jumper USA)were all sitting in a restaurant and were informally speaking to a few guys who later turned out to be the bet makers.

Jack Pierce and Florian Schwarthoff are both in this race.

You’re Welcome. I started looking for Ben’s races after the 84 Olympics. I’ve mentioned this a few times on this forum but, the reason why is because once commentator mentioned talking to Ben’s Coach and how he was so smart and what he saw unfolding in the future…Ben beating Carl in the years to come. I was 14 and was like…Wow…I’ve got to see this development for myself.

I prob have it somewhere in the attic but would love to see Bens 50y world record one more time. Such a great appreciation for how fast he was.

Yeah I’d like to see Angella’s 50m world record too. Couldn’t find it on youtube.