Mens 4x100m

USA out!!! Tyson dropped the baton on the 3rd changeover…

oh no!:eek:

Trinidad/Tobago 38.26 Q
Japan 38.52 Q SB
Netherlands 38.87 Q SB
Brazil 39.01
Nigeria DNF
Poland DNF
South Africa DNF
United States DNF

Terrible heat, only 4 teams got round, what a mess.

Heat 121 August 2008 - 20:20Position Lane Team Country Mark .
1 8 Trinidad and Tobago
(Keston Bledman; Marc Burns; Aaron Armstrong; Richard Thompson) TRI 38.26 Q .
2 4 Japan
(Naoki Tsukahara; Shingo Suetsugu; Shinji Takahira; Nobuharu Asahara) JPN 38.52 Q (SB)
3 3 Netherlands
(Maarten Heisen; Guus Hoogmoed; Patrick van Luijk; Caimin Douglas) NED 38.87 Q (SB)
4 2 Brazil
(José Carlos Moreira; Bruno de Barros; Vicente de Lima; Sandro Viana) BRA 39.01 .
. 7 United States
(Rodney Martin; Travis Padgett; Darvis Patton; Tyson Gay) USA DNF .
. 6 Nigeria
(Onyeabor Ngwagogu; Obinna Metu; Chinedu Oriala; Uchenna Emedolu) NGR DNF .
. 5 South Africa
(Hannes Dreyer; Leigh Julius; Kagisho Kumbane; Thuso Mpuang) RSA DNF .
. 9 Poland
(Marcin Nowak; Lukasz Chyla; Marcin Jedrusinski; Dariusz Kuc) POL DNF

Jamaican relay team won their heat.

Great Britain are blatently out too…

yep, GB are scratched… :rolleyes:

Jamaica 38.31 Q SB
Canada 38.77 Q
Germany 38.93 Q
China 39.13 q
Thailand 39.40
France 39.53
Great Britain DQ
Italy DQ

I wonder what the Aussie 4x100m candidates would be thinking:mad: …you gotta be in it to win it!

i don’t think they’d beat T&T but bronze or higher if people in front of them screwed up woulda been possible.

anyone else notice poland getting the dq? i didn’t see it, but they musta tried to maximize their changeovers a little too much.

A couple more DQs and the olympic gold can come back to Canada :smiley:

and this is a bit odd…first 2 DQs in the 200m and now all these DQs in the relay. hmm

Greased up batons!!! wtf was goin on out there?! I was watching in amazement…:eek:

Kinda shocked with GB especially as there was a heavy emphasis on Relay and practice…

they should have picked steve bradbury for the final leg… :wink:

Is it possible that the track is making them accelerate faster than usual so that they overshoot the exchange zone?

Nope. Both Tyson and Lauryn already had a sniff on the stick well within the zone; just sloppy handling. Pickering just had some kind of brain fart and started way too early.

This is ridiculous.

Look at the Canadian men’s team. You can bet there was pressure not to bring them (but Kevin Sullivan again? WTF)
Now every official who has screwed the relays over (come on down Australian mucky-mucks) should be pummelled with a rolled up results sheet with all the DQs on it like taking the newspaper to the dog that crapped on the carpet.

Just saw better video on NBC. Doc Patton just dropped the f-ing thing on the ground?!! You call that a handoff? Holy mary he tapped the tip of Tyson’s hand as light as humanly possible then just dropped the baton on the ground.

It was Patton’s fault with the men. Tyson kept his hand steady but patton let go instead of ensuring that the stick went in.
With the women’s team it was different. Torri tried to put it in Lauren’s hand but couldn’t, making it appear that Lauren was grabbing for it instead of providing a steady open hand target. Lauren was involved in the last relay fiasco in Athens, which was blamed on Marion, but, in light of this, was Lauren grabbing at it then too?? (it was Marion to Lauren wasn’t it?)