Mens 100m Semi Finals (Gay vs. Powell)

100 Metres - M Semi-Final
first 4 of each heat (Q) qualified.Heat 1Sunday 16 August 2009 - 19:10Lane Bib Athlete Country 2009 PB
1 457 Martial Mbandjock FRA 10.11 10.06
2 877 Jaysuma Saidy Ndure NOR 10.10 10.01
3 1215 Darvis Patton USA 10.02 9.89
4 111 Daniel Bailey ANT 9.91 9.91
5 1224 Michael Rodgers USA 9.94 9.94
6 656 Usain Bolt JAM 9.79 9.69
7 496 Tyrone Edgar GBR 10.09 10.06
8 1110 Marc Burns TRI 10.04 9.96

Heat 2Sunday 16 August 2009 - 19:18Lane Bib Athlete Country 2009 PB
1 1254 Gerald Phiri ZAM 10.13 10.13
2 1178 Monzavous Edwards USA 10.02 10.02
3 1116 Richard Thompson TRI 10.01 9.89
4 665 Asafa Powell JAM 9.88 9.72
5 1183 Tyson Gay USA 9.77 9.77
6 492 Dwain Chambers GBR 10.04 9.97
7 660 Michael Frater JAM 10.02 9.97
8 693 Naoki Tsukahara JPN 10.09 10.09

In the final, based on the first two performances;

  1. Bolt
  2. Powell (close to Bolt)
  3. Gay (not convincing so far)
  4. Bailey
  5. Chambers (I’d like to see him there)

Anyone else? :slight_smile:

Gay mentioned that he is saving his start for the final. I’m not sure if I believe him but I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt.


We will see tomorrow! I believe that Tyson shows good performance! Around WR! :slight_smile:

I would find it hard to guess at this point because the track is the x-factor.
If it truly is the same as U of T, it will be a killer for some. In that case, you simply must relax and stay in rhythm. If you try to fight it, you are done.
For Tyson to have a shot, he must be able to go right from the blocks but keep the relaxed form he showed in round two- 9.98 after giving away at least one and a half tenths shows he can hit his top speed on this track.
The problem for him is to get by with as little stress as possible in the semi cause I doubt his groin has two massive runs in it.
These conditions MIGHT play to Powell because of his power if he has the energy and stays relaxed two more times.
Bolt and Bailey haven’t put out enough to see what they can do with this track yet.
A softer track makes upsets more unlikely IMO but we’ll just have to wait and see.

Thanx… I watched Tyson’s run again and again and again I must say that wasn’t bad at all! :slight_smile: Will be very interesting!

In what way would it compare with U of T? simply the softness or something else? Cause U of T is polytan surface and berlin i heard did get resurfaced but with some other crap.

The track is done by a German outfit GSW if I remember. But I don’t see how a track could make any difference, they are all running on it, its not in their control. Next thing you know somebodi will be complaining the yams are too soft. :rolleyes:

Thankyou for straightening me out. More muscular, less muscular, different stride patterns… all the same.
How could I have though otherwise?
Now that you’ve straightened me out, could you tell the athletes?

The IAAF World Championships in Athletics, which begin on August 15 in Berlin, are the world’s biggest sporting event of 2009. There’s no doubt that records will be broken again when the top runners from the United States, Jamaica and Ethiopia compete. This is because the running events will take place on one of the world’s fastest tracks.

The blue track of Berlin’s Olympic stadium offers athletes optimal running conditions thanks to BASF products.

The surface of the distinctive blue track of Berlin’s Olympic stadium contains CONICA products from BASF. The three-layer synthetic surface offers athletes optimal running conditions: while the hard but nevertheless elastic top layer ensures maximum return of energy to athletes, the soft lower layers protect the athletes’ joints. The surface is poured in one piece, which makes it waterproof as well as temperature and weather resistant. The outstanding quality of the track surface in Berlin has been confirmed by the award of an IAAF Class 1 Certificate from the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF)

Asafa looked real good in both of his races. Looked like he was working on his start in the prelim and working on the middle of his race in the quater. I think he is gonna surprise alot of people i da final.

  1. Bolt 9.71
  2. Gay 9.78
  3. Powell 9.80 (PLEASE don’t make a fool of me again!)
  4. Bailey 9.90
    5 Chambers 9.95
  5. Rogers 9.96

Powell running a 9.88? Video? Is he back in shape of some sort?

Good morning… :slight_smile:

He’s given that impression so far.

Powell looks to be having a good time. Nice to see the relaxation pre race.

Tyson’s start = ???

Yesterday I wrote that Tyson would surprice, but no… Bolt, Bailey, Powell. I do not know, but Tyson maybe without medal…

I would really hope powell and tyson get medals for sure, and i hope tyson pulls it out and gives a high 9.7, powell mid 9.7, bolt sub 9.7.

It’s mind-boggling to me that he’s able to achieve the top-speed necessary to run 9.93 but not able to get a start equal to the 10.10 guys.

Even if he’s hurt, are the forces experienced during the start that much tougher to deal with than with those at top-speed? If anyone would care to break it down for me, I’d appreciate it.