Member's Mark Fish Oil

Hey all I’ve been trying to find out whether member’s mark fish oil (from sam’s club) screens for mercury and other stuff. IT doesn’t say anywhere on the bottle but I thought they all had to be screened. Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

I hope that stuff is flavoured, because unflavoured fish oil is unedible.

They’re in capsules, and it’s pretty nice because they’re the “double strength” ones so you need 7 for the 3g total epa and dha instead of I think 10 with the regular ones

Why does it have to be Sam’s Club? Arent there alot of other brands that tell you about their screening process if any?

these are the most concentrated ones I can get without ordering from the internet, and yeah my mom won’t let me get edible stuff from the internet…kinda sucks…one more year and I’ll be out : )