Member Challenge


Out of all the people that posted on recovery. Will any agree to this challenge. Go find a whirlpool near your house. Get in for 3-5 minutes hot then a minute in the pool for cycles of 4. Compare to contrast showers and vote. Note the whirlpool should be around 104 degree’s the pool about 75-85%. You can pay 10$ for a day there are healthclubs everywhere that have them.

I still find it a challenge tying my shoes in the morning.

55kenteris you have tried both of these types of recovery methods. What do you think?

oh there’s no question the hot tub and pool is much better. I guess the only question would be the money issue. Plus you shouldn’t overdue the whirlpool either, that’s it. When i was in high school running 4 rounds of the 100m, sitting in the tub would make the pain go away. but was it good recovery. I don’t know.