Med Ball that won't break!

Can anybody recommend a good, durable med ball?

I got one about three or four months ago (a 10lb med ball made by “fitness gear”) and used at most three times a week for throws for distance and occasionally med ball slams all on a grass field. About two weeks ago I discovered that it has a crack in it and every time I throw it the crack gets bigger and bigger so now its worthless. So a warning to those looking to buy- don’t get this one!

Thanks in advance,

I’ve had a lot of success with the first place brand of MF athletic- have 16 and not had one bust. I’ve had some “misplaced” over the years so actually have had well over 16 but no breaks.

Nike brand is awesome.

Iv’e cracked about 4 of the power medballs from Powersystems. Then again, most of their is crap. Dont go near their GHR either.
Their KB’s are decent.


walmart 10lb

Star Systems Speed Ball

Dynamax are good, but cannot be slammed. I have a 20lb D-ball, which takes a licking and keeps on ticking. The Dynamax is bigger and softer. The D-ball is much more compact, a rougher harder surface, and more solid.

Thanks everyone for your responses. Walmart and nike seem like the most convenient and cheapest options though I’m surprised a med ball from walmart would hold up :confused: I think I will probably go with one of the balls from MF athletic though, as they advertise a lifetime warranty!

I had mine for a year. Hasnt bust yet. Go walmart!