Meal before bed for increased growth hormones...

I have read in the past that a snack or meal before bed will increase the level of growth hormones released during your sleep. What should be included in this meal, and when should it be taken? I recall reading that you should eat it an hour before, but I am not certain. I will also be taking glutamine about 10 minutes before bed. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Short answer: Protein, preferably Casein, fat.

Ross Hunt

Good one! I agree 100%

Be very careful about tinkering around with insulin before bed. It directly opposes the effects of GH and also provokes cortisol release during sleep. Bad news!

I don’t believe the above statement is correct.

Growth hormone release is not affected by hypoglycemia or changes in cortisol and insulin secretion. Researchers have known this since the 60’s. (J Clin Invest. 1968 September; 47 (9): 2079–2090)

In fact if you spike insulin just before bed, the fall in glucose afterwards would actually increase GH secretion.

I think you have insulin and IGF-1 mixed up.

In those days of intensive work ( track and weights 4 ex ),
i usually eat tuna or sardine, i found out that Protein Shake is a “stimulant” at this time of the night, at least for my genetics, so, my and my brother, can´t sleep well when we take protein shake before bed.