Meal 3 hour before preworkout

Do you guys have any suggestions on 2-3 hour (good )pre-work out carbs+pro or fat+pro?

What are your favorites, and why?


I prefer to use a Pro + Fat meal before speed work.

A pro + Carb meal, makes me feel sluggish, and heavy (maybe from the extra water being held by the carbs: I don’t know).

However, everyone is individual. Therefore, experiment to find what works for you, and stick with it.

Don’t experiment before important races - could be disasterous.

Too much fat before a workout can inhibit glycolysis to some extent and therefore decrease power output. There have been studies correlating blood lipids with decreased glycolysis. The mechanism is not clearly understood.

I would try upto 30g protein with some non high GI carbs but not too many, eg. chicken sandwich. High GI can lead to low blood sugar by time of training, and too many carbs in general can lead to the sluggish feeling.

However, as oorwullie states, everyone is an individual, and if consuming some fat and protein makes the athlete perform better, this is what should be eaten.