me running the 60m

can anyone tell me what i need to work on?im 2nd from the left,and i ran a 7.12

It’s hard to see much from that view. My advice to you however, is , don’t get cought up on technique at this stage of your development(7.12).

well is there anything you did notice from that view?

maybe hip height towards the end and i think you straighten up to early, maybe you need to work on your first 30m acceleration and not poping up so qiuckly

bascly it looks good.
one thing could be that your left knee mves a little bit outside…
but 7,12 isnt so bad, so there cant be too many problems

its very very hard to tell whats going on as the view isn’t great.from looking at it over and over theres nothing major wrong.

could you perhaps post a trining clip from the side using a tripod etc

sorry its by luck i got that video, but i believe i had a 6.99 in me that day it felt like a terrible race.

couple questions

1.How can i increase my turnover to match my stride?

2.what kind of 100m time would a 7.12 be?

also does it look like im over striding or anything?

According to the mercier indoor performance calculator, it is equivalent to 11.03 in the 100m

thats odd, last year i ran a 7.25 and was running 10.9’s

Pay no attention to that. My fastest 60 is 7.01 and i have ran 10.38. Calculaters mean nothing

Depends on your speed endurance. There are people who can run high 6s but are tenths off of breaking 11. You can’t tell a 100 time based off of a 60 time but if you have a 150 and 200 time as well as a 60 you could probably make an accurate guess at a 100 time.

Seeing as that calculator gives me a 23.87 time based on my 60 but I ran a 23.24 today.

Calculators cant take speed endurance into account, thats why in some cases they may be way off, and in some, spot on.


Yes probalbly, but not in comparable form -maybe years apart.
Sub 7 will always mean sub 11, but slower than 7.00 can never do a sub 10.50.
Would mean that you do a flying 60-100 in less than 3.50, Ben and Mo took 3.40 - 3.55 for that distance in their best races :wink:

The short guy in lane 3 looks like some comedy from the silent movie times. Maybe it’s the quality of the film.