mcain journal

Sat was my first track run for the season, just to blow the cobwebs off the spikes. 11.12 [HT] over 100m. Pretty happy with this, as it took me nearly 50m to settle. The runner on my left got a perfect start, and it foolishly distracted me. I was very happy with my finish though.

Sun - played about an hour of basketball. The body felt good, but I know I will be stiff tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the last game of our basketball comp, so I can get serious about track again.

Age: 32. I haven’t done serious comp for about 5 years and never a great trainer, so very unsure how I will go. The last few months have been a weekly bball game, and some distance running (3-4 km) with workmates as a bit of fitness.

100m 10.9 HT.
200m 22.4 HT.

100m in sub 11s electronic.
200m in low 22s E.
400m in under 50s.