Maybe it is all in the brain

Maybe worth some discussion.

Is the brain important, yes? Is it all in the brain? No.

Here is an interesting study.

Train from the inside out! Head–>Heart–>Core–>Hips/Shoulders–>the rest

Where else,Lyle?
This could foster great discussion! (Fatigue,metabolic vs neural issues,regulatory mechanisms,and so on…)

Richard Lipton,in his book Biology of Belief makes a few very interesting points about placebo.

Some good old stuff here :

J Neurophysiol. 1992 May;67(5):1114-23.
Strength increases from the motor program: comparison of training with maximal voluntary and imagined muscle contractions.
Yue G, Cole KJ.
Department of Exercise Science, University of Iowa, Iowa City 52242.


  1. This study addressed potential neural mechanisms of the strength increase that occur before muscle hypertrophy. In particular we examined whether such strength increases may result from training-induced changes in voluntary motor programs. We compared the maximal voluntary force production after a training program of repetitive maximal isometric muscle contractions with force output after a training program that did not involve repetitive activation of muscle; that is, after mental training.

  2. Subjects trained their left hypothenar muscles for 4 wk, five sessions per week. One group produced repeated maximal isometric contractions of the abductor muscles of the fifth digit’s metacarpophalangeal joint. A second group imagined producing these same, effortful isometric contractions. A third group did not train their fifth digit. Maximal abduction force, flexion/extension force and electrically evoked twitch force (abduction) of the fifth digit were measured along with maximal integrated electromyograms (EMG) of the hypothenar muscles from both hands before and after training.

  3. Average abduction force of the left fifth digit increased 22% for the Imagining group and 30% for the Contraction group. The mean increase for the Control group was 3.7%.

  4. The maximal abduction force of the right (untrained) fifth digit increased significantly in both the Imagining and Contraction groups after training (10 and 14%, respectively), but not in the Control group (2.3%). These results are consistent with previous studies of training effects on contralateral limbs.

  5. The abduction twitch force evoked by supramaximal electrical stimulations of the ulnar nerve was unchanged in all three groups after training, consistent with an absence of muscle hypertrophy. The maximal force of the left great toe extensors for individual subjects remained unchanged after training, which argues against strength increases due to general increases in effort level.

  6. Increases in abduction and flexion forces of the fifth digit were poorly correlated in subjects of both training groups. The fifth finger abduction force and the hypothenar integrated EMG increases were not well correlated in these subjects either. Together these results indicate that training-induced changes of synergist and antagonist muscle activation patterns may have contributed to force increases in some of the subjects.

  7. Strength increases can be achieved without repeated muscle activation. These force gains appear to result from practice effects on central motor programming/planning. The results of these experiments add to existing evidence for the neural origin of strength increases that occur before muscle hypertrophy.

And here (I witness this at work every single day):

"…let’s say we have sprained our right ankle.It would normally take four to six weeks to heal,during whic RICE would be beneficial.But WHAT IF,instead,we mentally rehearse walking,running,jumping on that ankle,and imagine flexing and extending it beyond the range typical of an injuried joint?
What signal will our brain be sending to our ankle,what effect will it have on the healing process,and could our mental imagery strengthen that joint to prevent a recurrance of the injury ?

Our mental conception of normal activity levels of the right ankle will fire the corresponding motor circuits and neural networks already mapped in the motor cortex.
Repetetively firing those circuits wil enhance their wiring.If we are able to marry OUR INTENT with CONCENTRATED EFFORT to send a message to the tissues,the ankle should heal and become stronger.The
signal from the ANS (responsible for repair and maintenance work) will contain a specific signature and message to promote the healing processes in those tissues.

Consciously activating the brain produces a level of mind with INTENTIONAL energy or frequency that carries a message to the body.It produces measurable effects in the tissues,and it also creates new,more intricate neural nets in the brain"


I have taken stuff i “knew” was not going to work - But it did work.
And also
I have taken stuff i Knew from reports Works well, But, received Nothing from it.

I now, If somebody gives me a vitamin or whatever, and explains how it works etc - I’ll give it a try. If it works it works, if it doesn’t it doesn’t. I really don’t care before using it. Only if it works.

I also believe, just because something that is supposed to work, but didn’t NOW, doesn’t mean it Wont work Forever for You.

Having been involved in Marketing for around 4yrs or so now, Everything is Sold as, “the next big thing” or “this stuff will blow your mind” etc etc.
Most of it is all full of C… Just marketing to sell another product.

The power of Marketing is one powerful tool.