MaxV Loop

Two stride loop of relay leg.


Looks pretty good from what I can see here. What is the performance level? Can you get a shot at hip level rather than from an angle above?

And try and use a tripod so that the camera doesn’t move relative to the ground, this makes it easier to tell how hip height is changing.

That is, if it’s a good quality tripod. Otherwise it may make the film shake as you turn it. Try both ways and send the best sample

Should be able to.

Performance level is amatuer - 11.xx 100m

Clip taken from the side. Flying 60m.

Any thoughts?

I don’t see anything that’s a major problem.
Looks like he is point his foot throughout the stride. I would think you would want it “cocked” at a point just prior to ground contact. Other than that, maybe the knee lift could be higher. It might be as good as it can be now because of limiting factors such as strength and/or flexibility. Those factors might have to be improved before a higher lift can be achieved. Depends on the race, too. If this was a 100 or maybe 200, the lift could be higher. If it was 400, it’s probably OK as is.

flyer i was about to post similiar as to the post above.the only 2 things i can pick up on is the lack of DV upon impact and the closure of the angle of the arms on the up stroke.

other than that i can honestly say you look good.ficus on landing on the ball of the foot rather than the toe.drils can aid also

I could pick up that he is most likely right handed/footed because he is driving his right hand/foot harder, well it looks that way to me unless the angle is decieving.

Flyer, I hate telling athletes what to do if I don’t know what they are trying to do/feel.
Are you trying to claw?
Are you trying to run light?
You are doing a lot of things right. Share what you are trying to do/feel when you sprint.

All I really think about is driving the hands back hard. I’d love to say I think about knee lift, stepping over, toe up… but I really don’t.

When I think GO, it’s all about the hands.

[QUOTE=flyer]All I really think about is driving the hands back hard. /QUOTE]

The pull is down not back, and it’s definitely not hard. No part of sprinting is a max force effort. The arms control the legs in tempo and range, so driving the arm back too hard will disturb things.
This may be the reason for the arms closing in on the up stroke. It also pushes the shoulders foward causing you to land infront of BDC.

In the side-on shot, you are definitely pulling back instead of down with your arms. Initiate the arm action at the top of the swing and pull down. Refilm after a bit with this modification and send it in for a comparison.

Will do. So emphasis should be on swinging the arms downward, with the hands passing by the hips.

What else needs work? How is hip height, knee lift, stepping over, etc.?

To me it looks like dorsiflexion can be improved, as well as improvement on ‘picking up’ after ground contact?

Also, is flicking of wrists a problem? Left hand seems to flick back on the backswing of arm movement, with the right hand not so obvious.

Maybe get a physiotherapist to check mobility through both hips. It seems you never quite get triple extension through the knee before toe-ing off into the next stride, both sides. That suggests maybe tightness at the top of the thigh (hip-flexors) - psoas, iliopsoas, erector femorous. Do you get any soreness or stiffness in your lowerback? That would possibly be a sign that you are too tight in those hip flexors. Your arms work toward the central vertical axis, but on the vision provided there doesn’t seem to be a correlated action through the hips (ie, not much rotation about the veertical axis). kk

I have had trouble with left erector spinae, from hurdling. Hip flexors dont feel tight if I stretch them, although they do feel sore when I pull my knee up toward my chest?

Just work on the arms first. To avoid the arm opening up too much at the bottom of the swing, keep the thumbs on top of the forefinger with the hand very looslt cupped. After that you can worry about any other element that remains. Sometimes one thing will fix other issues as well- see what problems, if any, remain then.

The “hanging foot” with the toes down throughout the whole stride (looks very much like me ;-)).
Is that a problem, does it need to be fixed at all?