Maximum hip height @ Max Velocity

What is the maximum hip height @ Max Velocity lets say around 55-60 meters?
I was guessin around 38-50cm is this pretty accurate?

Kenny Mac

How are you calculating this? (Max hip height will always coincide with max velocity, so if you have timing traps you can calculate from there but I don’t know how you are measuring this)

Well, you know what after I posted that message I said to myself I didn’t word that right. Let me try it again.

I’m asking, How high should the Hip rise above the ground for an elite sprinter @ Max Speed. The #'s I posted was an example. Sorry for the confusion.

I hope this clear things up.

Kenny Mac~:mad:

I really don’t have any objective figures, beyond the observable fact that there is increasing Positive verticle displacement with increases in max speed.


Charlie, are u saying that the faster you sprint, the higher your hips are off of the ground?