max strength

would it be dangerous to do max strength work when following cf spp s-l workouts.

week 1: 3x5
2: 3x5, 3x4
3: 321 321
4: 3x3

What do you mean by dangerous? Conflict with other high CNS activities? Residual tightness? It would heavily depend on the athlete, their tolerance and capacity for MaxS 1 and 2 rep work, the effect of that stimulus upon what is required on the track, which SPP phase it is, etc. What is your line of thought/concern?

dangerous = effect the development of track work and top speed development, tightness etc. the above setup decide not to use but something like below.

week 1: 5-6x3x80

2: 5-6x2x85

3: 5-6x1x90-95

4: 3x3x80

Personnally I am a big supporter of MaxS work as a compliment to track: I find the MaxS work provides a very useful stimulus with corresponding improvements on the track for both myself and a female athlete that I train. That state we are both quite tolerant of MaxS work. PB’s like clockwork regularly follow a backing off period from MaxS and continuing intensification on the track.

Various questions come to mind regarding whether you should incorporate the MaxS work you described. Some thoughts to consider include:

  • What is your background/training age in weights and particularly MaxS work?
  • Did you just finish a GPP? If so, what weight regime did you finish off with in the GPP? (Hyper. or MaxS?)
  • Which SPP are you in?
  • How long is your planned SPP intensification on the track?
  • (Prior to worrying about the gym) Do you have a process of intensification on the track during SPP sorted out that works for you?
  • What variation in volume and intensity during MaxS (and alignment with the intensification on the track) has worked previously for you?

These are all excellent check-list questions to help with planning!

ur right and most are in my journal, so i didnt have time to answer.

training background and age, just put it this why, advance. bsq- 550, pc 340, bp 365

my whole gpp was max strength work.

first spp.

spp 9 weeks, then 3 weeks precomp.

all spp track work is based on CF dvd.

i think i have the problem solved: below is the following movements i will use.

bar warmup

bar warmup
snatch dl
sp bp

bar warmup
225 rep work

i will only list the lower body rep/set up bc everything else is good.

week 1: week 2: week 3:
4x3x78.5 4x3x82.5 3x94
4x3x74 4x3x78.5 3x3x87.5

Quote “i think i have the problem solved”… In true Mr. Burns style… Excellent.
Some food for thought:

  • Regarding your comment on the whole GPP being MaxS: just checking how many loading/unloading cycles this involved. One? Two? Just keep in mind the diminishing benefit of prolonged application of the same stimulus. (Anticipating one during a short GPP and the second is now scheduled for early SPP?)
  • You have listed a few exercises. Are all Primary or some of Secondary focus? Be disciplined enough to adjust the workouts based on your status.
  • You seem capable of high output in the gym (and I’m not sure from your emails if you have previously integrated MaxS into an SPP intensification period, nor of your tolerance for MaxS and its effect on your CNS reserves for sprinting). The MaxS demands that you place on yourself should result in a good ‘cause and effect’ with the track work intensification. (considering tightness/recovery/CNS availability)

if u check my journal u will be able to tell how many loading and unload bc its not the traditional type of setup 3-1-3 etc. i really wanted to focus on max strength in gpp so once i get to spp it will still be focus but not to a great extent, bc i really want to work on top speed. if u see my lower body set and rep method in previous u will see its much lighter and then in previous weeks to allow top speed to be my focus.