Max speed work questions

In doing a final speed blowout of the training plan, before taper = running something like 60, 80 , 120, 150, taking sometimes up to 35 minutes between reps, what are we doing during rest? sitting? is there a re-warm up a few min before the next effort? some warm up runs? Or just walk around and sit until the next run?

If you say “therapy” between runs, ok. But what if we have no therapist? Sit? lay down for 35 min? Wont we get stiff?

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If I remember correctly, I think you were supposed to change your shoes to give your feet rest, wear something warm unless it’s hot out, slight stretching or massaging right afterwards, sit or lay still for a middle part of your long rest, then some light tempos and dynamic stretching to stay warm, and possibly some striding before resuming repetitions. You’d never want to sit till for 35 mins before a maximal sprint…The amount of things you have to do during rest depends on things like weather, and your physiology (how well your body can maintain blood flow and thus warmup status).

Maybe like 0-7 minutes light stretch, 7-14 rest, 14-21 some striding, 21-28 rest, 28-32 light tempo and dynamic warmup movements, 32-35 rest. However, more experienced people here would have better ideas.

I believe rest intervals of 35 minutes between runs would apply to the VERY highest performers. We are talking near world record level athletes here. Rest breaks for less accomplished performers wouldn’t need to be as long.

ok for less accomplished performers, there still would have to be ample rest even not at world record training….so did the previous poster cover the basics themes whether it’s 30 min , or 15? or 10? Would the light runs and stretching then change to proportionate times relative to rest between sprint reps? Or would we just sit for 10 mins or 12?

I agree the summer of 2009/2010 when doing speed endurance sessions (2x200, 200/180/150,180/150/120) I had to rest 20-30mins between the 200’s.

I am not exactly sure what you mean when you say " a final speed blowout before you taper".
August of 1993 was one year before I made my first national team to give you some perspective of where I was at in terms of my development.
At that time I was in University competing but there would be no way most university students in CAnada were doing training anywhere near what US athletes probably do.
3 x 300 meters done in flats with 20 minutes between sets
typically I did not get therapy ever between sets.
First I would have walked until my heart rate came down and been drinking water.
I would have likely taken off my shoes but maybe just loosened my laces.
Then I would have stretched and when that was finished stayed warm , layed down with my feet up or bent and shake legs. You would be surprised how fast that 20 minutes goes by once you do all that.
I have a few charts that show an increased amount of time for rest over an 8 week period for Jane featured in Project Jane. I have been trying to post some of the charts I have but I have not succeeded to do this yet. The files are too large. I would be happy to send this chart to someone so that it could be posted.

November 27th 2002 ( former world record holder female MJ)
Warmup 1 and 2
4 x 30 meters standing starts @ 95 percent ( 2 minutes recovery between 30 meters which is basically a walk back)
15 minutes break
Special Endurance = 2 x 500 meters ( runs are sub maximal) Recovery between 25 to 30 min between runs
Weights squat = reps 10,8,4,3,3
Incline bench
behind neck pull downs ( wide grip) reps of 10,8,6 = moderate weight
Hyper rows 15 lbs reps 5 ( hyper with 2 / 15 lbs weights doing a row as you come up
reverse hypers ( straight and bent legs ( reps - 5 per position)

-heres a video showing a ‘apparent athlete readiness monitored speed session’, for the 400m UK athlete richard buck, following what I think the coaches mentioned was a short-long plan. The canadian/coach Kevin Tyler is in there providing advisory services.

November 29th 2002 ( next speed day friday)
WArm up 1 and 2
4 x 10m standing starts 95% 1 minute recovery ( walk back)
3 minutes break
4 x 20m stand start 95% ( 1.5 min recovery)
4 minute break
4 x 30 meters stand start at sub maximal intensity ( 3 minutes recovery)
10 minutes stretch break
3 ( 3 x 60 meters ) stand start sub max
4.5 minutes rep recovery
7 min set recovery
10 minutes stretch break
6x 10 hurdle hops
10 minutes break
reps 10,8,4,3,3
recovery between lifts 2,2 3,3 minutes
Hyper rows 15 pounds reps 5 x
reverse hypers as wednesday

Great stuff Ange
Examples really help people understand

I agree, I appreciate getting to view the sample sessions Ange. Thanks.

They are actually using an, ahem, very familiar Long to Short 400 plan.

These kinds of examples are soooo valuable! Thanks Ange for sharing!

Hi Angela, if you send me the chart I’m sure I can post it.


THank you.
Send me a note via info.
Maybe you can teach me please;)… I have many charts I wish to share.

Agree , Ange these examples are awesome and reinforces everything we read. Thanks heaps.